Yung Sangre – Till The Konkrete Kracks


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1 Riding On My Bike 03:29
Featuring – Blu Angel
2 Motion 03:27
3 Light Switch 03:15
Featuring – Big B, Tiny Doo
4 Throwin Up My Set 04:07
Featuring – Big B
5 It Be Goin Down 04:43
Featuring – Marc C, Big B
6 My Mind 03:43
Featuring – Big B
7 Gang Sighns 03:53
8 Going Off 03:59
Featuring – Big B
9 Smoke 02:06
Featuring – Yung Jizzle
10 Burger B (Bonus) 03:34


“Till The Konkrete Kracks” is a mixtape project by rapper Yung Sangre, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2014 by Blacklipp Records, the mixtape features a variety of artists, including Blu Angel, Big B, Tiny Doo, Marc C, and Yung Jizzle. This project showcases Yung Sangre’s talent as an emerging artist in the hip-hop scene, with a distinctive West Coast rap sound and captivating storytelling abilities.

Across the ten tracks on “Till The Konkrete Kracks,” Yung Sangre’s lyrical prowess is on full display as he shares stories of life on the streets of Los Angeles, delving into themes of ambition, loyalty, and the challenges faced by those growing up in the city. The mixtape kicks off with “Riding On My Bike,” featuring Blu Angel, setting the tone for the rest of the project with its smooth beat and catchy hook.

Standout tracks on the mixtape include “Light Switch,” featuring Big B and Tiny Doo, where the artists come together to deliver a captivating collaboration with powerful verses and a memorable chorus. “Throwin Up My Set,” featuring Big B, further demonstrates Yung Sangre’s ability to work with fellow artists, resulting in a track that showcases the chemistry between the two rappers.

Other notable tracks on the mixtape include “It Be Goin Down,” featuring Marc C and Big B, and “Going Off,” another collaboration with Big B. The mixtape concludes with a bonus track, “Burger B,” leaving listeners with a final taste of Yung Sangre’s unique style and lyrical skills.

Overall, “Till The Konkrete Kracks” is a solid mixtape that highlights Yung Sangre’s potential as an up-and-coming artist in the West Coast rap scene. With a diverse range of featured artists and a unique sound, this project is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those looking for fresh, new talent in the genre.



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