OG Daddy V – Ragtop Music


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1 Intro 00:09
2 Compton Gangsta Niggaz 03:13
3 I Got What You Want 03:40
4 Call Me Up 03:50
5 Where I Come From 04:03
6 Gotta Keep It Gangsta 04:18
7 Just Bouncin 03:54
8 If You Got Bomb 04:32
9 What Cha Know 03:49
10 You Just Got Bow Down 04:27
11 Everyday 03:51
12 Smokin Weed Gittin Drunk 03:51
13 Welcome To The Westcoast 03:41
14 It’s Summertime 03:11


“Ragtop Music” is a studio album by Compton, California rapper OG Daddy V, released in 2011 by Bigg Willie Records. Blending elements of hip-hop and funk/soul, OG Daddy V presents an engaging mix of gangsta and G-funk styles throughout the album’s 14 tracks.

The album kicks off with a brief “Intro” and dives straight into the West Coast sound with tracks like “Compton Gangsta Niggaz,” “I Got What You Want,” “Call Me Up,” and “Where I Come From.” Producers such as Sam-G, Triple X Productions, and Aelpeacha contribute their talents to create the album’s signature sound.

“Ragtop Music” showcases OG Daddy V’s lyrical prowess and ability to craft catchy hooks, as evident in songs like “Gotta Keep It Gangsta,” “Just Bouncin,” “If You Got Bomb,” and “What Cha Know.” The album also features more laid-back tracks such as “Everyday,” “Smokin Weed Gittin Drunk,” “Welcome To The Westcoast,” and “It’s Summertime,” which further highlight the versatility of OG Daddy V’s style.

As a whole, “Ragtop Music” is a testament to OG Daddy V’s talent and dedication to the West Coast hip-hop sound. With its mix of hard-hitting beats, smooth melodies, and authentic lyrics, the album is sure to resonate with fans of the genre and introduce new listeners to OG Daddy V’s unique style.



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