A.T.C. – Back At It

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1 Get Up And Dance 04:34
2 Get Up And Dance (Instrumental) 04:34
3 The Hit (Instrumental) 02:39
4 Mic-Ologically Insane 03:48
5 Mic-Ologically Insane (Instrumental) 04:03


“Back At It” is a maxi-single by A.T.C., a hip-hop/rap group from San Francisco, California. The group, consisting of members M.C.G. (G. Lawrence), J.M.C. (J. King), and D.J.T., gained a reputation in the Bay Area for their socially conscious lyrics and innovative beats. The single was released in 1990 by Straight Black Records, a small independent label based in San Francisco.

The maxi-single features five tracks, including the title track “Get Up And Dance,” a classic old-school hip hop song with a catchy beat and lyrics encouraging listeners to move their feet. The B-side, “Mic-Ologically Insane,” is a more introspective track that touches on the struggles faced by up-and-coming hip hop artists. The single also includes instrumental versions of both title tracks, as well as an additional instrumental track titled “The Hit.”

A.T.C.’s innovative use of samples and beats helped to influence a generation of hip hop producers, and “Back At It” remains a classic of underground hip hop, known for its socially conscious lyrics, innovative production values, and catchy beats. The single helped to establish A.T.C.’s reputation as socially conscious artists with a knack for crafting memorable hooks and music that captured the spirit of the Bay Area hip hop scene.

Despite being relatively unknown outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, A.T.C. gained a loyal following in the underground hip hop scene, thanks in part to the release of “Back At It.” The maxi-single remains a must-listen for fans of old-school hip hop and anyone interested in the history of the genre. A.T.C. would go on to release additional music through independent labels, including Macola Records and Scarface Records, before eventually disbanding.

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