The Mac – The Game Is Thick


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1 Amma Big Mac – Radio & Club 07:55
2 The Game Is Thick – Radio & Club 06:24
3 Somethin To Roll With 08:38
4 Thick Game (“Do Dis”) 07:41
5 & U Know Tis!! (“The Mac’s Juiced”) 03:43
6 40 Seconds Of Do Thangz 01:41


“The Game Is Thick” is the 1988 debut extended play by The Mac, a rapper hailing from Vallejo, California. Released by Strictly Business Records, the EP features four six that showcase The Mac’s unique style, blending elements of funk and hip hop into a cohesive sound. The EP’s title track, “The Game Is Thick”, quickly became a regional hit and helped establish The Mac as a rising star in the Bay Area rap scene.

In addition to “The Game Is Thick”, the EP includes the tracks “Amma Big Mac”, “Somethin To Roll With”, “Thick Game (“Do Dis”)”, “& U Know Tis!! (“The Mac’s Juiced”)” and “40 Seconds Of Do Thangz”. Each track highlights The Mac’s lyrical ability, with clever wordplay and witty rhymes that demonstrate his storytelling skills.

“The Game Is Thick” was produced by Khayree, a legendary Bay Area producer who has worked with a number of notable artists in the genre. Khayree’s production on the EP is crisp and polished, with funky basslines and catchy beats that complement The Mac’s flow.

Despite being relatively unknown outside of the Bay Area, “The Game Is Thick” remains a classic of West Coast hip hop. The EP helped to establish The Mac as a rising star in the genre and showcased the unique sound of the Bay Area rap scene in the late 1980s.


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