T-Bone Tha Danksta – Straight Illegally


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1 The Intro 01:20
2 Straight Illegally 04:00
3 Real Shit 03:14
4 Silly Bitches 03:27
5 Lounging In The Cut 03:59
6 The Young Buck 03:22
7 Soak A Little 02:58
8 Sick Minded Part II
9 Livin The Life 03:01
10 415 03:48
11 The Outro 02:57


“Straight Illegally” is the only album by rapper T-Bone Tha Danksta, a member of the Mac Clan, hailing from South San Francisco and Daly City, California. This rare gem was released in 1994 by Stack A Mill Records and was exclusively available on cassette tape, making it a unique collectible for hip-hop aficionados.

The album features 10 tracks, showcasing T-Bone Tha Danksta’s gritty and raw gangsta rap style. It kicks off with the title track “Straight Illegally,” setting the tone for the street narratives that follow. Songs like “Real Shit” and “Silly Bitches” demonstrate the rapper’s lyrical skills and authenticity in the genre.

“Lounging In The Cut” and “The Young Buck” continue the journey through T-Bone Tha Danksta’s world, while tracks like “Soak A Little” and “Livin The Life” delve into the realities of life on the streets. The album also includes “Sick Minded Part II,” a sequel to a previous Mac Clan release.

The album concludes with the regional anthem “415,” a nod to the Bay Area’s area code, and “The Outro,” wrapping up this underground classic. Producers Ed Preston, Gerald Hall, and Tommy Miller contributed their talents to create the gritty beats and soundscape that accompany T-Bone Tha Danksta’s hard-hitting rhymes.

“Straight Illegally” is a must-listen for fans of T-Bone Tha Danksta, the Mac Clan, and those interested in exploring the depths of 90s West Coast gangsta rap. With its raw lyrics and authentic production, this album is a rare piece of hip-hop history.


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