Corpse – Life Take’n


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Groove With Me 03:51
2 Life Take’n 04:56
3 Ain’t Noin 03:52
4 Groove With Me (Radio) 03:53
5 Carson Nigga 03:46
6 How Many Nutt’z? 04:01


“Life Take’n” is the debut release by rapper Corpse, hailing from Carson, California. This EP, released in 1995, marks Corpse’s entry into the hip-hop scene and showcases his unique style and raw talent. The EP was released exclusively on cassette tape by Life Take’n Records, making it a rare find for collectors and enthusiasts of 90s hip-hop.

The “Life Take’n” EP features six tracks, divided into two sides: the “Life Side” and the “Take’n Side.” On the Life Side, listeners can find “Groove With Me,” “Life Take’n,” and “Ain’t Noin.” The Take’n Side features “Groove With Me (Radio),” “Carson Nigga,” and “How Many Nutt’z?” Each track demonstrates Corpse’s distinctive flow and storytelling abilities, making this EP a compelling introduction to his work.

“Life Take’n” was produced by V-Ray, with Big-G and Corpse serving as executive producers. The EP was recorded at Basshead Studio, capturing the raw energy and intensity of Corpse’s performance. As a copyright of Life Take’n Records, this EP stands as a testament to the label’s commitment to showcasing emerging talent in the hip-hop scene.

The limited availability and cassette tape-only format of “Life Take’n” make it a rare and valuable addition to any hip-hop aficionado’s collection. As Corpse’s debut release, this EP offers a glimpse into the early work of a promising artist hailing from Carson, California.


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