MC Eiht Presents Tony Smallz – Smoke In Tha City


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1 Stand Up 05:19
Featuring – RBX
2 Do Compton 04:05
3 I’m That 03:59
4 My Nine Mil 04:40
Featuring – Daz Dillinger
5 Everyday 04:11
Featuring – Kenyatta
6 Get At Me 04:26
7 She Likes Gurlz 03:59
Featuring – Bokie, Kenyatta, Rezee
8 Don’t Play 03:48
Featuring – Game
9 Whateva You Do 03:39
Featuring – Kenyatta
10 8 Seconds 04:22
11 Don’t Move 04:03
Featuring – Jayo Felony
12 Some Don’t Make It 03:59
Featuring – Kenyatta, Menace
13 Killin Folks 03:49
Featuring – Skip, Young Buck
14 U Owe Me 03:41
15 They Hatin 03:58
16 Thats My Sh?t 04:30
Featuring – Bokie, Spice 1
17 We Don’t Like You 02:45
Featuring – Danisha
18 U Got Me F???’d Up 04:11
Featuring – Kokane, Menace, Rezee
19 When I Go (Bonus Trk) 04:29


“Smoke in tha City” is the ninth studio album by legendary rapper MC Eiht, hailing from Compton, California. Released on September 14, 2004, by Factor House Records, this hip-hop album showcases MC Eiht’s prowess as a lyricist and his ability to deliver compelling narratives over hard-hitting beats.

The album features 19 tracks, with collaborations from notable artists like RBX, Daz Dillinger, Kenyatta, Jayo Felony, Young Buck, and Spice 1. Produced by Blak Czer and Quincy Miller, the album was recorded at the Factor House in Compton, CA.

“Smoke in tha City” kicks off with the energetic track “Stand Up,” featuring RBX, setting the stage for a gritty journey through Compton’s streets. MC Eiht tackles various themes throughout the album, from the darker side of street life in “My Nine Mil” and “Killing Folks,” to exploring love and relationships in “She Likes Gurlz” and “U Owe Me.”

MC Eiht demonstrates his versatility on tracks like “Everyday,” where he reflects on the challenges of daily life, and “Some Don’t Make It,” which delves into the harsh realities faced by those living in Compton. The album concludes with the bonus track “When I Go,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of MC Eiht’s storytelling prowess.

“Smoke in tha City” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those who appreciate raw, authentic storytelling combined with skillful lyricism and top-notch production.



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