Young Droop – 1990-Hate / Bootlegz & Collectionz


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Disc 1

1 M.V.P 03:47
2 Luzt 2 Pull The Trigga 03:39
3 Killa Instinctz 02:50
4 Unreztrained Actionz 01:38
5 Mizery Luvz Company 04:00
6 Weekend Seazon 03:06
7 Calculat Da Rezaltz 03:27
8 Meow 04:46
9 Inconspicuous 03:09
10 Evidence Of A Murda 03:01
11 Hoe Gamez 03:21
12 Playa Lude 01:09
13 Recognize A Playa 03:29
14 Unknown Assailantz 04:12
15 Unsolved Mysteriez 05:09
16 Barracudaz 03:30
17 Fuck Um 03:06
18 Haterz 03:22
19 Knuckle Headz 03:35
20 Shit Getz Thick 03:27
21 4 Lyfe 02:25
22 Ends 03:03

Disc 2

1 Kritikal Thinkin 03:12
2 Strikin Wit Killas 04:48
3 Runnin Bacc 03:48
4 Gone Blown 03:22
5 Hellraizer 04:16
6 Fuck These Nuggas 03:52
7 Warning 04:28
8 Thiccer Than Mud 03:50
9 187 Skillz 03:17
10 Deep Thoughtz 03:31
11 Locked Down 03:52
12 Anything 4 Bread 02:44
13 Slip N Slide 02:34
14 Street Konnect 03:35
15 Stx And Stnz 03:10
16 When I Say Killa 03:42
17 Savolaz 03:50
18 Get Em 03:06
19 Y Im N It 03:27
20 Count Da Cash 03:53


“1990-Hate / Bootlegz & Collectionz” is a compilation album by Merced, California rapper Young Droop, released on May 11, 2004, through Killa Valley Entertainment and Money Hungry Entertainment. This limited edition 2-CD set features an array of gritty, hardcore hip-hop tracks that showcase Young Droop’s raw talent and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists.

The compilation boasts 42 tracks in total, with notable features from Hollow Tip, Young Ridah, Capone, J-Mack, Hurrikaine J, Loki, Kaoz The Assassin, Dubble J, P-Folks, Polo, JT the Bigga Figga, Young Ren, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, and A.L.G. Each song showcases Young Droop’s distinct style, characterized by aggressive lyrics, hard-hitting beats, and a true gangsta hip-hop sound.

Some standout tracks on this collection include “M.V.P.,” featuring Hollow Tip and Young Ridah, “Killa Instinctz,” featuring Capone and J-Mack, and “Runnin’ Back,” featuring JT the Bigga Figga and Young Ren. These songs exemplify Young Droop’s ability to create memorable tracks with other talented artists, solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene.

“1990-Hate / Bootlegz & Collectionz” is a must-have for fans of Young Droop and those who appreciate the raw, unfiltered essence of gangsta and hardcore hip-hop. This compilation serves as a testament to Young Droop’s undeniable talent and his dedication to the craft of rap music. Throughout the album, Young Droop’s storytelling abilities shine, as he vividly describes life on the streets, the hustle for success, and the challenges that come with living a life entrenched in the gangsta lifestyle.

Other noteworthy tracks include “Gone Blown,” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Young Ridah, “Fuck These Niggaz,” featuring C-Bo, and “Warning,” featuring A.L.G. Each of these songs showcases Young Droop’s versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending different styles and collaborating with other heavyweights in the rap industry.

With “1990-Hate / Bootlegz & Collectionz,” Young Droop has curated a comprehensive collection of his best work, providing fans with a snapshot of his musical journey and growth as an artist. This compilation is a testament to the enduring appeal of his raw and unapologetic style, as well as his commitment to delivering hard-hitting, authentic hip-hop music.



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