Sneak – All Anglez


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1 Bay Boy 03:52
Featuring – Shake
2 Soc-A-Team 03:08
Featuring – Incredible
3 Ball Shine 04:33
Featuring – FMZ, Rizzon, Menace, Cosmo, Walker B
4 Respect Somethn 02:43
Featuring – Farm Boyz
5 Baby Mama 04:11
Featuring – Prohoezak
6 Oooh We 03:51
Featuring – Jus Dre
7 Every We Go 03:58
Featuring – J-Slim
8 Keep It Gulley 04:00
Featuring – Mac & A.K.
9 Touch N You 03:47
Featuring – M-Pro
10 Beast 04:08
Featuring – The Team, Side Industry
11 Wassup Up 00:26
Featuring – Daddy Coffee
12 We Like 03:42
Featuring – 580, Diz
13 Let Me Hit It 01:36
Featuring – Saleem
14 Sign 04:01
Featuring – Dem Niggaz
15 A Whole Lotta Noise 04:20
Featuring – Menace
16 Pimp Tales 03:30
Featuring – NBD, Lee Majors
17 Retarded 03:38
Featuring – Stagg
18 Clownin 04:21
Featuring – Sitzon Skrilla
19 VIP 03:44
Featuring – Reese Cup
20 That’s Him 04:15
Featuring – Doc Loui
21 Get To Know You 03:55
Featuring – D. Boogie


“All Anglez” is a compilation album by East Palo Alto, California rapper Sneak, released on May 2, 2006, by All Anglez Inc. This diverse compilation showcases various artists from the hip-hop scene, offering listeners an exciting mix of styles and sounds.

The 21-track album kicks off with “Bay Boy” by Shake, setting the tone for the collection of unique tracks that follow. Other standout tracks include “Soc-A-Team” by Incredible, “Ball Shine” featuring FMZ, Rizzon, Menace, Cosmo, and Walker B, and “Respect Sometin” by Farm Boyz.

Listeners will also appreciate tracks like “Baby Mama” by Prohoezak, “Oooh We” by Jus Dre, “Every We Go” by J-Slim, and “Keep It Gulley” by Mac & AK. The compilation continues with more captivating tracks such as “Touch N You” by M-Pro, “Beast” featuring The Team and Side Industry, and an entertaining interview with Daddy Coffee on “Wussup Up.”

The album progresses with tracks like “We Like” by 580 and Diz, “Let Me Hit It” by Saleem, “Sign” by Dem Niggaz, and “A Whole Lotta Noise” by Menace. NBD and Lee Majors join forces on “Pimp Tales,” followed by “Retarded” by Stagg and “Clownin” by Stizon Skrilla.

Wrapping up the compilation, listeners will enjoy “VIP” by Reese Cup, “That’s Him” by Doc Loui, and “Get To Know You” by D.Boogie. “All Anglez” is a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts who appreciate a variety of styles and artists, showcasing the depth and diversity of the genre.



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