Cognito – Recognition


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1 I Rep 01:03
2 Shift Kits 03:32
3 Recognition 04:22
4 They Want To Know My Name 03:41
5 No Problems 04:21
Featuring – Bblak, Luyah
6 Swamper 02:38
7 The Music 04:30
8 So High 02:56
9 Something Wrong 04:29
Featuring – B-Legit, Cee-Lo
10 Talkin To You 02:46
11 2 Shots 03:49
Featuring – Andre Nickatina
12 Radio Song 02:51
13 Can’t Do It Like I Do 03:48
14 The Call (Skit) 01:06
15 Do A Lil Sumptin 03:55
Featuring – D-Buck
16 My Lil Girl 03:45
17 Ain’t That Different 04:11
Featuring – Bblak, D-Buck, Luyah, Master P
18 You Got What I Need 04:07
Featuring – Aaron Mason
19 One Nite 03:06
Featuring – Savior
20 What They Out Fo 02:52
21 I Need A Freak 04:18
Featuring – Thug Misses


“Recognition” is the debut studio album by rapper Cognito from Concord, California. Released on May 16, 2006, this album is a collaboration between Guttar Music Entertainment and Damage Records. Cognito’s real name is Michael Reef, and he is also a member of the group The End Crowd. With this debut, Cognito establishes himself as a fresh and powerful voice in the hardcore hip-hop scene.

The album features 21 tracks that showcase Cognito’s lyricism and versatility. From the opening track “I Rep,” produced by Femi Ojetunde, Cognito demonstrates his ability to captivate listeners with his storytelling and energetic delivery. Other standout tracks include “Shift Kits,” produced by Preach, and the title track “Recognition,” produced by 100 Proof.

Cognito collaborates with several notable artists throughout the album, such as B-Legit and Cee-Lo on “Something Wrong,” and Andre Nickatina on “2 Shots.” These collaborations add depth and diversity to the album, showcasing Cognito’s ability to work with various styles and sounds.

Tracks like “No Problems,” featuring Bblak and Luyah, and “Swamper” highlight Cognito’s skill in crafting catchy hooks and memorable verses. The album also delves into more introspective and emotional themes with songs like “My Lil Girl” and “One Nite,” featuring Savior.

“Recognition” concludes with the track “I Need a Freak,” featuring Thug Misses, ending the album on a high note and leaving listeners eager for more of Cognito’s distinctive sound.

With its potent combination of hardcore hip-hop beats, captivating lyrics, and memorable collaborations, “Recognition” is an impressive debut that introduces Cognito as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world.



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