MC Eiht Along With CMW – “Presents” Compton’s OG


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1 Intro 00:46
2 Robbery 04:04
3 Get With Me 03:44
4 Classic 03:43
5 Want 2 Ride 03:44
Featuring – Fingazz
6 Mashing 03:00
7 So Hood 03:55
8 Here She Comes 03:12
9 She’s So Freaky 03:36
10 Skit 00:42
11 Underground 03:27
12 Fake Niggaz 03:45
13 Where You From 04:55
14 Can’t Hang With Us 03:47
15 Murder 04:08
Featuring – Stomper (Soldier Ink)
16 Skit 00:43
17 Music 2 Gangbang 03:27
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
18 Hi Power Mega Mixx 04:30


“Compton’s OG” is the twelfth studio album by the legendary rapper MC Eiht, hailing from Compton, California. Released on October 10, 2006, this album is a collaboration between B-Dub Records, Hi Power Entertainment, and PMC Music Group. The album continues MC Eiht’s tradition of delivering powerful and authentic hip-hop, showcasing his skills as a rapper and storyteller.

The album features 18 tracks that explore various themes, including life in Compton, street culture, and the rapper’s experiences. The opening “Intro” sets the stage for the gritty, raw sounds that follow. Songs like “Robbery,” “Get With Me,” and “Classic” demonstrate MC Eiht’s prowess as a lyricist, while “Want 2 Ride” features the talents of Fingazz.

“Compton’s OG” continues to delve into the West Coast hip-hop scene with tracks like “Mashing,” “So Hood,” and “Here She Comes.” MC Eiht also touches on more controversial topics with “Fake Niggaz” and “Where You From.” Collaborations with other artists, such as Stomper (Soldier Ink) on “Murder” and Mr. Criminal on “Music 2 Gangbang,” add to the album’s overall energy and intensity.

The “Hi Power Mega Mixx” serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, bringing together some of the most memorable moments from “Compton’s OG.” As a whole, this album is a testament to MC Eiht’s longevity in the industry and his dedication to delivering genuine, hard-hitting hip-hop.

With its powerful lyrics and masterful production, “Compton’s OG” is a must-listen for fans of MC Eiht, West Coast hip-hop, and the genre as a whole.



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