Automator – King Of The Beats

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1 I’m Non Violent 04:39
Featuring – MC Twan
2 King Of The Beats 05:23
Featuring – MC Twan
3 Wha Cha Lookin At 02:34
4 Talking Bout Nothing 02:46
5 Noone Rocks Harder 02:34
6 We Want The Funk 02:41
7 Classical Beatdown 04:03
8 Tonight Is Party Time 04:37


“King of the Beats” is an influential debut studio album by Dan The Automator, a producer and DJ from San Francisco, California. The album was released in 1990 by Radioactive Records and is considered to be a classic of instrumental hip hop, known for its innovative use of sampling and production techniques.

The album’s title track, “King of the Beats,” features a sample of the classic breakbeat from “Impeach the President” by The Honey Drippers, and has been widely used by other artists in subsequent years. The album also features a range of other samples and beats, including snippets of old soul and funk records, as well as some electronic music influences.

Dan The Automator’s production on “King of the Beats” helped to establish him as a major figure in the underground hip hop scene in the early 1990s. The album’s innovative use of sampling and production techniques helped to influence a generation of hip hop producers, and its influence can be heard in subsequent works by artists such as DJ Shadow, The Avalanches, and J Dilla.

In addition to its influence on hip hop, “King of the Beats” has also been praised for its innovative use of production techniques, including the use of filtering and EQ to create new sounds and textures. The album’s blend of old-school soul and funk with electronic music influences helped to establish a new sound that would go on to influence a wide range of musical genres in the decades to come.

Overall, “King of the Beats” is a seminal album in the history of instrumental hip hop and electronic music, and its influence can still be heard in contemporary music today. It remains a classic of its genre and a must-listen for fans of innovative production and sampling techniques.

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