Scoot Dogg – Game Twisted


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1 Come On Just Kick It 04:24
2 Game Twisted 03:28
3 Mo Skrilla 03:21
4 Sever Consequence 03:49
5 Sidewayz 03:46
Featuring – Ad Capone
6 If U Wanna Fuck With Me 03:55


“Game Twisted” is an unofficial release by rapper Scoot Dogg, hailing from East Palo Alto, California. The EP was originally recorded in 1996 but remained unreleased until 2012, when it was finally released by Premier Records. This rare gem from the world of hip-hop features six tracks, showcasing Scoot Dogg’s prowess as a gangsta rapper within the G-Funk style.

The EP’s tracks include “Come On Just Kick It,” “Game Twisted,” “Mo Skrilla,” “Sever Consequence,” “Sidewayz,” and “If U Wanna Fuck With Me.” Scoot Dogg’s smooth flow, combined with the laid-back, groovy beats and G-Funk influences, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the 90s West Coast rap scene. The EP features contributions from other artists such as Mocha, Ad Capone, and Theresa Shorter, with backing vocals by Sean T.

“Game Twisted” was engineered by Stan Keith and produced by G-Man Stan and Sean T. The EP also credits G-Man Stan for the bass and guitar arrangements, while Sean T and Stan Keith were responsible for the keyboards and drum programming.

Although an unofficial release, “Game Twisted” offers a valuable insight into Scoot Dogg’s work from the mid-90s and is a must-listen for fans of the classic West Coast G-Funk sound. The EP stands as a testament to Scoot Dogg’s talent and the lasting impact of his music in the world of hip-hop.



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