Wo Nyce 500 – Me Vs. Self


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1 Let The Beat Sing 04:44
2 Fake Love 03:34
Featuring – G. Hustla
3 Never Changed 05:37
Featuring – Trae Tha Truth
4 Eyes Of A Woman 03:00
5 Splash On ‘Em 03:34
Featuring – Sancho Saucy
6 Rewind It 03:26
7 Jordan In My Prime 04:41
8 Racked Up Shawdy 02:47
Featuring – Stokes
9 Bands 03:42
Featuring – Chevy Mane
10 We Ain’t The Same 02:54
11 What You Wana Do 04:05
12 Attention 04:16
Featuring – Mozzy
13 Smoke Something 02:56
Featuring – Vee Tha Rula
14 Should’ve Just Let Me 03:46
15 This Girl That I Met 03:13
16 Kajmere 04:30


“Me Vs. Self” is a powerful and introspective project by Phoenix, Arizona rapper Wo Nyce 500. Released on February 9, 2017, through SSU / Therapy Entertainment & Films LLC, this 16-track album showcases Wo Nyce 500’s compelling storytelling and versatile flow. With features from notable artists such as G. Hustla, Trae Tha Truth, Sancho Saucy, Stokes, Chevy Mane, Mozzy, and Vee Tha Rula, “Me Vs. Self” offers an engaging and immersive listening experience.

The album opens with “Let The Beat Sing,” a confident track that sets the tone for the project. “Fake Love,” featuring G. Hustla, dives into the theme of loyalty and trust, followed by the hard-hitting “Never Changed” with Trae Tha Truth.

“Eyes Of A Woman” and “Splash On ‘Em” (featuring Sancho Saucy) showcase Wo Nyce 500’s skill at crafting catchy hooks and relatable verses. “Rewind It” and “Jordan In My Prime” reflect on personal growth and determination, while “Racked Up Shawdy” (featuring Stokes) and “Bands” (featuring Chevy Mane) bring a party vibe to the album.

“We Ain’t The Same” and “What You Wana Do” explore the challenges of street life, followed by the introspective “Attention” featuring Mozzy. “Smoke Something” with Vee Tha Rula offers a laid-back and smooth track, while “Should’ve Just Let Me” delves into the complexities of relationships.

The album closes with “This Girl That I Met” and “Kajmere,” two tracks that showcase Wo Nyce 500’s ability to deliver introspective and heartfelt lyrics. “Me Vs. Self” is a testament to Wo Nyce 500’s growth as an artist and his undeniable talent in the world of hip-hop.



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