Young Ace – Hood As It Gets


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1 Hood As It Gets 04:34
2 Gangsta Music 02:53
Featuring – Big2DaBoy
3 Bacc Bumpa’ 03:57
4 Fade Ace 03:52
Featuring – Bokie Locc
5 Talk Tuff 04:25
Featuring – J Bone
6 Gangsta Touch 04:59
Featuring – MC Eight
7 Skit 02:25
Featuring – Big2DaBoy
8 N’-gga This Compton 04:01
Featuring – Big2DaBoy
9 Baby Gangstas 04:14
10 Sticc Up 03:32
Featuring – Lil Joker
11 Dope Man 05:05
12 Ride With Me 05:12
13 Fo The Ones Who Didn’t Make It 03:55
14 Lights Out 04:32
Featuring – Lil Joker
15 Hood Beef 05:07
16 Plain To See 05:54
Featuring – Big2DaBoy, J Bone, O-Dot
17 Gangsta Gangsta 02:53
18 Hub City 03:37
Featuring – J Bone


“Hood As It Gets” is the second studio album by rapper Young Ace, hailing from Compton, California. Released on March 28, 2006, by Gutta Lane Publishing, this album captures the raw energy and authentic sound of West Coast gangsta rap in the mid-2000s.

The album features 18 tracks, each showcasing Young Ace’s exceptional skills as a lyricist and storyteller. With a lineup of guest artists that includes Big2DaBoy, Bokie Locc, J Bone, MC Eight, and others, the album offers a diverse range of voices and styles within the gangsta rap genre.

“Hood As It Gets” kicks off with the title track, setting the tone for an album that delves deep into the realities of life on the streets. Songs like “Gangsta Music” featuring Big2DaBoy and “Gangsta Touch” featuring MC Eight blend hard-hitting beats and aggressive lyrics, further solidifying the album’s gangsta rap foundation.

Other standout tracks include “Fade Ace,” featuring Bokie Locc, and “Talk Tuff,” featuring J Bone. Throughout the album, the production by Chill adds to the gritty, authentic atmosphere that is synonymous with the Compton rap scene.

As the album progresses, Young Ace delivers tracks such as “Dope Man,” “Ride With Me,” and “Fo The Ones Who Didn’t Make It,” which provide a more introspective look at the struggles and experiences that have shaped his life and music.

With its raw lyrics, powerful beats, and collaborations with renowned West Coast artists, “Hood As It Gets” is a must-listen for fans of authentic gangsta rap.



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