Mac Clan – Livin The Life

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1 Intro 01:26
2 Straight Ride 02:52
3 415 04:27
4 Peep Game 03:19
5 Talkin Shiit 03:01
6 Another Day 04:23
7 Too Hard 03:17
8 Sick Minded Nigah 03:19
9 Pay Back 03:08
10 Livin The Life 02:57
11 Dead Hommie 01:48
12 Out Tro 01:47


“Livin The Life” is the second release by the rap group Mac Clan, hailing from South San Francisco and Daly City, California. This 1993 album, released by Jump Start Records, showcases Mac Clan’s unique take on gangsta rap, reflecting the energy and rawness of early 90s hip-hop.

The cassette tape format features 12 tracks, divided into two distinct sections, Mac and Clan. The Mac side begins with an “Intro,” followed by tracks like “Straight Ride,” “415,” “Peep Game,” “Talkin Shiit,” and “Another Day.” The Clan side offers tracks such as “Too Hard,” “Sick Minded Nigah,” “Pay Back,” “Livin The Life,” “Dead Hommie,” and “Out Tro.” This structure highlights the versatility and individual talents of the group members, while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout the project.

“Livin The Life” is a true representation of early 90s West Coast gangsta rap, featuring hard-hitting beats and raw, unapologetic lyrics. The album captures the essence of the era, making it a must-have for fans of the genre and collectors alike.

As a cassette tape-only release, “Livin The Life” stands as a rare piece of hip-hop history, showcasing Mac Clan’s distinct style and contribution to the rap scene of the time. This album is a testament to the group’s talent and their ability to create an engaging and authentic sound that still resonates with listeners today.

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