Ras Kass – Institutionalized


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1 MTV News (Intro) / It’s The Business 02:44
Featuring – Sway
2 Air ‘Em Out 04:27
3 Slap Season 03:26
Featuring – Jelly Roll
4 Flood 04:17
5 Expect Me 03:39
Featuring – Xzibit
6 Put Ya Glass Out 03:50
Featuring – Killer Mike
7 Write Where I Left Off 04:28
Featuring – E-40
8 Shine 04:01
Featuring – Vis-A-Vis
9 Clayton Bixby (Skit 1) 00:39
10 No Love (Intro) / No Love 04:55
Featuring – DJ Whoo Kid, Xavie
11 More 03:59
Featuring – Maria
12 My Apology 04:34
13 U Ain’t Me 03:15
Featuring – Chamillionaire, Krondon, Xzibit
14 Look Alive 04:49
Featuring – G-Unit, Strong Arm Steady, Young Buck
15 Life & Bullshit 03:43
16 Clayton Bixby (Skit 2) 00:31
17 Unconditional 03:52
Featuring – Mystic
18 We Run The Streets 05:24
Featuring – 40 Glocc, Cali Casino, Crooked I, El Dog, Spider Loc
19 Welcome Home 02:37


“Institutionalized” is a release by rapper Ras Kass from Carson, California, showcasing his lyrical prowess and socio-political consciousness. Released on October 25, 2005, by Re-Up Entertainment, this album is packed with collaborations from major players in the hip-hop scene. With features by Sway, Jelly Roll, Xzibit, Killer Mike, E-40, DJ Whoo Kid, Chamillionaire, Krondon, G-Unit, Strong Arm Steady, Young Buck, 40 Glocc, Cali Casino, Crooked I, El Dog, and Spider Loc, Ras Kass has brought together an impressive roster of talent for this album.

The 19-track release kicks off with “MTV News (Intro) / It’s The Business” featuring Sway, and the energy doesn’t let up. Standout tracks like “Air ‘Em Out,” “Slap Season,” featuring Jelly Roll, and “Expect Me,” featuring Xzibit, showcase Ras Kass’s razor-sharp lyricism and thought-provoking themes. The album also includes introspective tracks such as “My Apology” and “Life & Bullshit.”

The production on “Institutionalized” is top-notch, with contributions from notable producers like Sha Money XL, Rick Rock, Scram Jones, and the Heatmakerz. The diverse range of beats and styles allows each featured artist to bring their own flavor to the album, resulting in a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

“Institutionalized” is a testament to Ras Kass’s ability to bring together the best of the hip-hop world while maintaining his distinctive voice and style. A must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and conscious hip-hop alike.



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