Wicked Minds – Misundastood Platinum Edition


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1 Let It Bounce 03:26
2 Voices 04:16
3 Secret Playas 04:20
4 Nabahood 03:26
5 Get U Down 03:53
6 Do U Care 04:00
7 Old Stand By 03:23
8 Don’t Stop Da Pimpin 03:14
9 Criminal 03:44
10 Da Broken Hearted 03:40
11 Smoth Ride 03:51
12 Misundastood 03:29
13 Slippin 03:13
14 No More F*ckin Pain 04:58
15 Do U Care 2 04:04
16 Misundastood (Still) 04:09
17 Old Stand By 2 03:55
Featuring – Wreck, Lil Wreck, Cecy B, Weeto, Zig Zag (NB Ridaz)
18 No More F*ckin Pain 2 05:20


“Misundastood Platinum Edition” is a powerful and introspective album by Los Angeles-based rap group Wicked Minds, released in 2009 under Defboy Records. The album features collaborations with Wreck, Lil Wreck, Cecy B, Weeto, and Zig Zag (NB Ridaz), resulting in a diverse and dynamic collection of tracks that showcase the group’s unique style and undeniable talent.

The album kicks off with “Let It Bounce,” a high-energy track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its infectious beats and bold lyrics. “Voices” follows, delving into deeper themes and showcasing the group’s ability to tackle complex subject matter.

“Secret Playas” and “Nabahood” explore the group’s experiences and relationships within their community, while “Get U Down” offers a more introspective look at the challenges they face. “Do U Care” and “Old Stand By” further demonstrate Wicked Minds’ storytelling prowess, with emotionally charged narratives and thought-provoking lyrics.

“Don’t Stop Da Pimpin” and “Criminal” display the group’s more rebellious side, with hard-hitting beats and unapologetic lyrics that defy expectations. “Da Broken Hearted” and “Smoth Ride” provide a more introspective and emotional perspective, touching on themes of love and loss.

The album’s title track, “Misundastood,” captures the essence of Wicked Minds’ message, expressing their frustration with being misunderstood and their determination to rise above it. “Slippin” and “No More F*ckin Pain” further explore themes of struggle and resilience, while “Do U Care 2” and “Misundastood (Still)” offer fresh takes on earlier tracks.

Closing out the album, “Old Stand By 2” and “No More F*ckin Pain 2” bring together the featured artists, showcasing their combined talents and providing a fitting finale to this compelling and memorable album.

“Misundastood Platinum Edition” is a testament to Wicked Minds’ versatility and ability to connect with listeners through authentic storytelling and raw emotion.



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