SIC – Keep Flowin’


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1 Keep Flowin’ 04:03
2 Anotha Day 05:52
3 Ain’t Got No Time 04:06
4 Exit Out The Business 05:45


“Keep Flowin'” is the debut release by rap group SIC (Sic Insane Criminals) hailing from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1992 by Raw Flow Records, this album was exclusively available on cassette tape, making it a unique and sought-after piece for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The mini-album features four tracks that showcase the group’s gangsta rap style and impressive lyrical prowess. Kicking off with the title track “Keep Flowin’,” SIC delivers a hard-hitting introduction to their world. The group continues to showcase their skills in “Anotha Day,” reflecting on the realities of life in East Palo Alto.

On the B-side, “Ain’t Got No Time” features fellow rapper Chunk, adding another layer of intensity to the album. The final track, “Exit Out The Business,” wraps up this debut release with a powerful statement about the challenges of the music industry.

“Keep Flowin'” was produced by DJ “V” and T.C., who created the gritty beats that complement SIC’s raw and authentic rhymes. The album was recorded at Bankroll Studios and is copyrighted under Raw Flow Records.

The members of SIC include K-Nine (also known as K-9), Studio B, Paco, Young Mack, and C-Dub-Code Z Kilo G. As pioneers of the gangsta rap scene in East Palo Alto, their debut release “Keep Flowin'” stands as a testament to their talent and impact on the genre.

For fans of early 90s West Coast gangsta rap, “Keep Flowin'” is an underground classic that captures the essence of the era and introduces the world to the raw talent of SIC.


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