VP In The Building – Match Up


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1 Feelin Right 02:54
Featuring – DJ Sean Payton
2 As I Should 03:42
3 Goin Thru It 03:07
Featuring – Cousin Fik
4 Drop Somethin 03:30
Featuring – DJ Sean Payton
5 You Extra 03:22
Featuring – Jalen Dotson
6 Pull Up 03:35
Featuring – Compton Av, Tay F3rd
7 Byob 03:13
Featuring – Mistah Fab
8 I Got It 03:54
Featuring – DJ Sean Payton, Xo The Boss
9 She Gettin’ Hit 03:44
Featuring – Suga Free
10 Its A Rumble 03:02
11 Party Foul 03:51
Featuring – DJ Sean Payton
12 Work Flo 03:39
Featuring – Infraredd
13 Water 03:13


“Match Up” is a dynamic and engaging project by Inland Empire, California-based rapper VP In The Building, released on June 1, 2015, under Hyph Lyfe. This album is filled with catchy hooks, powerful beats, and impressive collaborations featuring talented artists such as DJ Sean Payton, Cousin Fik, Jalen Dotson, Compton Av, Tay F3rd, Mistah Fab, Xo The Boss, Suga Free, and Infraredd.

The album kicks off with “Feelin Right,” featuring DJ Sean Payton, setting an energetic tone for the entire project. “As I Should” follows up, showcasing VP In The Building’s lyrical prowess and unique style. “Goin Thru It,” featuring Cousin Fik, delves into the struggles and challenges faced by the rapper.

“Drop Somethin” and “You Extra” maintain the upbeat vibe, with the latter featuring a smooth collaboration with Jalen Dotson. “Pull Up” features Compton Av and Tay F3rd, offering a powerful, anthemic track that is sure to captivate listeners. Mistah Fab joins in on “Byob,” adding his signature flair to the mix.

“I Got It” showcases a seamless collaboration between DJ Sean Payton and Xo The Boss, while “She Gettin’ Hit” features the legendary Suga Free. “Its A Rumble” continues the high-energy trend, followed by “Party Foul” with DJ Sean Payton, a track that encapsulates the essence of a wild night out. The album concludes with “Work Flo,” featuring Infraredd, and the catchy “Water.”

“Match Up” is a testament to VP In The Building’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create memorable tracks with a wide range of collaborators. This album is sure to be a hit among fans of West Coast rap and beyond.



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