MC Eiht – Representin’


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1 This Is Compton 04:15
2 Some May Know 04:37
3 Get Money 04:28
4 What You Like It Like 04:32
5 One Hundred Percent 02:44
6 Then U Gone 03:55
7 All Around The Hood 03:55
8 Them Nigz 03:51
9 So Don’t Go There 04:13
10 Representin’ 02:31
11 Like Me 04:09
12 Slang My Keys 04:23
13 Livin Like Gangstaz (Bonus) 04:36


“Representin'” is a compilation album by rapper MC Eiht from Compton, California. This compilation, released on February 6, 2007, by Native Records, showcases MC Eiht’s unique style and his ability to represent the West Coast hip-hop scene with his authentic gangsta rap.

The album features 13 tracks, beginning with the anthemic “This Is Compton,” which sets the stage for the gritty street tales that follow. Other standout tracks include “Some May Know,” “Get Money,” and “What You Like It Like,” which showcase MC Eiht’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

The compilation continues with the hard-hitting tracks “One Hundred Percent” and “Then U Gone,” followed by “All Around The Hood” and “Them Nigz.” MC Eiht’s no-nonsense approach to rap is exemplified in “So Don’t Go There” and the album’s title track, “Representin’.”

Listeners are treated to more captivating tracks such as “Like Me” and “Slang My Keys,” before wrapping up with the bonus track “Livin Like Gangstaz.” “Representin'” is not only a compilation of MC Eiht’s work but also a re-release of CMW’s “Represent,” bringing together the best of both worlds for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

This compilation is a must-listen for fans of MC Eiht and those interested in exploring the depth of gangsta rap and the West Coast hip-hop scene. With its raw lyrics and authentic beats, “Representin'” is an essential addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.



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