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1 Knightowl Take Another Hit 04:52
2 Bee-Upone Got It Lokt Down 03:24
3 Shaft Gangsta Clic Compton City Thang 04:34
4 Shaft Gangsta Clic Handle Yo Biz 04:17
Featuring – Versatyle
5 Spanish Fly 21310 Harbor Area Loc 04:11
6 Mack 10 Gangsta Kid 04:21
7 Brown Pride If Blasting You Is Wrong 04:21
8 Sheilia A Woman Knows 04:34
9 Cali Life Style Time To Glide 04:29
10 2 Man Loc Thats How My Dago 05:09
11 Gangsta Tall O Side Rider 05:08
12 Mr. Lil One Mr. Lil One 04:15
13 Mr. Swiff Ain’t No Playaz Like… 04:50
Featuring – Deep South Playaz
14 Shaft Gangsta Clic Sixteen 05:11
Featuring – 40 Oz., Baby Solo, Lil Chill, Shady
15 Lil Chill No Brighter Dayz 04:28
16 Shaft Gangsta Clic What Dat Hoodlum Like 04:54
Featuring – 40 Oz., Baby Solo, Diccem Down, Tana Boe


“Westpresentin – The West In Peace Compilation” is a diverse studio album featuring various artists, showcasing their talent and unique styles. Released on December 3, 1996, by Hoodlum Records, the compilation is a melting pot of hip-hop and funk/soul, with a distinct West Coast Gangsta and G-Funk flavor.

The 16-track compilation features a line-up of talented artists such as Knightowl, Bee-Upone, Shaft Gangsta Clic, Spanish Fly, Mack 10, Brown Pride, Sheilia, Cali Life Style, 2 Man Loc, Gangsta Tall, Mr. Lil One, Mr. Swiff, and Lil Chill, among others. Each artist brings their unique sound and style to the album, resulting in a captivating and engaging listening experience.

Tracks like “Take Another Hit,” “Got It Lokt Down,” “Compton City Thang,” and “Time To Glide” showcase the diversity of the featured artists, offering a glimpse into the West Coast hip-hop scene of the late ’90s. The production on the album is top-notch, with producers such as Binky, Dominique Paroan, Ese Daz, G-Love, Lil One, Mr. Swiff, Murry Brumfield, Redrum, Terry Yap, and Knightowl working together to create a cohesive sound that unites the different artists on the compilation.

“Westpresentin – The West In Peace Compilation” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and G-Funk, offering a snapshot of the rich and varied talent that emerged from the region during the ’90s. This compilation stands as a testament to the legacy and influence of the West Coast sound on the wider hip-hop landscape.



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