O.G. Daddy V – Mix Master Spade Tribute Album (A Compton Legend)


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1 Snoop Dogg Introduction 00:36
2 Mix Master Spade, Toddy Tee Genius Is Back 05:32
3 Tha Chill Drop 00:19
4 Daddy V Keep It True 01:47
5 Toddy Tee Shoutout 00:17
6 Toddy Tee Just Say No 05:44
7 CPO The Boss Hogg Drop 00:15
8 Daddy V Welcome To Compton 01:20
9 Daddy V Wanna Beez 02:18
10 King Tee Drop 00:19
11 Scotty D Drop 00:19
12 Mix Master Spade, King Tee, DJ Pooh You Better Bring A Gun 03:43
13 Bad Azz Drop 00:46
14 Mix Master Spade, Daddy V Bumpin’ & Smokin’ Something 03:32
15 DJ Aladdin Drop 00:36
16 Mix Master Spade, King Tee, Breeze Just Clownin’ 03:37
17 Lil’ 1/2 Dead Drop 00:10
18 Warren G Drop 00:18
19 Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Kim Do You Wanna Roll 04:35
20 Crazy Toones Drop 00:39
21 Daddy V G-Stuff 03:34
22 Edi Drop 00:26
23 Daddy V Yeah Yeah Yeah 03:17
24 Kobra Drop 00:25
25 Daddy V C.P.T. Blvd 03:47
26 RBX Drop 00:42
27 Mix Master Spade, Toddy Tee Gangsta Boogie 03:59
28 Macadoshis Drop 00:24
29 Mix Master Spade, CJ Mac Mr. Big Time 05:14
30 DJ Evil E Drop 00:21
31 Daddy V Ridin’ High 03:12
32 Big Chan Drop 00:29
33 Mix Master Spade, Toddy Tee, Daddy V Compton’s Finest 04:14
34 Toddy Tee Drop 00:37
35 Daddy V Compton Nigga 01:38
36 Mix Master Spade, Dazzie D Westside Hoodsta 03:52
37 Daddy V Gangsta Party 04:05


“Mix Master Spade Tribute Album (A Compton Legend)” is a mixed compilation by rapper O.G. Daddy V from Compton, California, released in 2005. The album is a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Mix Master Spade, a pioneering figure in the West Coast hip-hop scene. The compilation features tracks by Mix Master Spade, Toddy Tee, King Tee, and many other prominent artists, along with shoutouts and drops from various well-known figures in the hip-hop community.

This tribute album showcases the influence of Mix Master Spade on the development of West Coast hip-hop and highlights his collaborations with other notable artists. O.G. Daddy V has carefully curated the compilation, including tracks that range from classic hits like “Genius is Back” and “Gangsta Boogie” to newer material, showcasing the depth and breadth of Mix Master Spade’s talent.

The album also features appearances by some of the biggest names in hip-hop, such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Lil’ Kim, paying their respects to Mix Master Spade’s impact on the genre. This compilation not only celebrates the life and legacy of Mix Master Spade but also serves as a reminder of the rich history of Compton’s hip-hop scene.

“Mix Master Spade Tribute Album (A Compton Legend)” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those looking to understand the roots of the genre. The album stands as a testament to Mix Master Spade’s influence and O.G. Daddy V’s dedication to preserving the legacy of a true Compton legend.



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