Black Jack – Niggaz In The Ghetto Are Better Off Dead


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1 Intro 01:13
2 Pop The Trunk 03:03
3 Mr. Pitty 04:58
4 Hidden Track 04:38
5 Skit 01:16
6 Get Out The Game 04:40
7 What Ya’ll Know About That 04:40
8 Sucka’s Be Sweatin’ 03:08
9 Black Nation 04:38
10 Hidden Track 03:40
11 Outro 00:23


“Niggaz In The Ghetto Are Better Off Dead” is a 1991 release by East Palo Alto, California rap group Black Jack. The EP, released exclusively on cassette tape by Dog E Dog Records, delves into the world of gangsta rap and hardcore hip-hop, offering a raw and unfiltered look at the realities of life in the ghetto.

The EP begins with a brief “Intro” before launching into the hard-hitting “Pop The Trunk” and “Mr. Pitty.” These tracks showcase the group’s penchant for aggressive beats and raw, unapologetic lyricism. “Get Out The Game” further explores the group’s experiences, with a focus on the harsh realities of the streets.

On side B, “What Ya’ll Know About That” and “Sucka’s Be Sweatin'” continue the group’s exploration of life in the ghetto, while “Black Nation” delivers a more politically charged message. The EP concludes with a brief “Outro,” wrapping up the intense listening experience.

The entire EP is produced by G. Money, also known as Gentry Reed, who started his career in the early ’90s with the group Black Jack. His production skills lend a cohesive sound to the project, with gritty beats and heavy basslines that complement the group’s powerful lyrics.

“Niggaz In The Ghetto Are Better Off Dead” is a raw, unfiltered look at the harsh realities faced by those living in the ghetto. The EP’s aggressive beats and unapologetic lyricism make it a classic example of early ’90s gangsta rap and hardcore hip-hop.


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