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1 Scoop De’Ville (Intro) Thump Rap Radio Dos 02:07
2 Tommy Gun Hey There 03:30
3 Mr. Shadow Haters 04:09
4 Big Weeto (Station Drop) 00:48
5 Lawless Estilo Frio 04:15
6 LSOB Do You Wanna Ride 03:24
7 Mr. Lil One Stay With Me 02:54
8 Shysti, Cisco La Frontera 04:23
9 Proper Dos Mexican Power 04:26
10 Mr. X Lowrider 04:45
11 Madrina F**k Wit Your Metal 04:31
12 A.L.T, Merciless Modern Day Aztecs 03:39
13 Seldom Seen, Scoop De’Ville (Station Drop) 01:29
14 Seldom Seen We In This Bitch 03:43
15 Monteloco Lap Dance 03:29
16 Kid Frost La Raza 04:52


“Thump Rap Radio 2” is a diverse compilation album by various artists, released on April 3, 2007, by Thump Records Inc. The album brings together an impressive selection of hip-hop and rap artists, including Scoop De’Ville, Tommy Gun, Mr. Shadow, Big Weeto, Lawless, LSOB, Mr. Lil One, Shysti, Cisco, Proper Dos, Mr. X, Madrina, A.L.T, Merciless, Seldom Seen, Monteloco, and Kid Frost. This compilation showcases a wide array of styles and talents, providing listeners with a unique and engaging experience.

The album begins with Scoop De’Ville’s “Intro” – Thump Rap Radio Dos, setting the stage for the rest of the compilation. Tommy Gun’s “Hey There” follows, offering a catchy beat and energetic lyrics. Mr. Shadow’s “Haters” provides a hard-hitting track with a powerful message, while Big Weeto delivers a “Station Drop” that keeps the album moving.

Lawless’ “Estilo Frio” showcases a gritty and raw style, while LSOB’s “Do You Wanna Ride” offers a more laid-back vibe. Mr. Lil One’s “Stay With Me” brings a smooth and melodic flow to the compilation, and Shysti and Cisco’s “La Frontera” presents a unique collaboration that highlights their individual talents.

Proper Dos’ “Mexican Power” delivers a strong and impactful track, followed by Mr. X’s “Lowrider,” which features a catchy and memorable hook. Madrina’s “F**k Wit Your Metal” showcases her fierce lyrical skills, while A.L.T and Merciless’ “Modern Day Aztecs” provides a powerful and thought-provoking collaboration.

The album continues with Seldom Seen and Scoop De’Ville’s “Station Drop,” followed by Seldom Seen’s “We In This Bitch,” which displays his confident and aggressive style. Monteloco’s “Lap Dance” offers a sultry and seductive track, and the compilation concludes with Kid Frost’s classic “La Raza,” a fitting end to this eclectic mix of artists and styles.

“Thump Rap Radio 2” is an outstanding compilation album that showcases a wide range of talent and styles, making it a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and rap.



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