Various – The Hill That’s Real


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1 Li’l Fame Bring The Rukus 05:10
2 ASAP Wrek The Art 04:14
3 Li’l Fame, Big Ken, Sean Mic, Smuve-Ruff Crew Full Of Shorties 04:21
4 Li’l Fame The Hill That’s Real 04:20
5 Big Ken All About The Pussy 03:28
6 ASAP It’s On You 04:51
7 Big Ken 4 Star Bitch 03:49
8 Li’l Fame Neighborhood Hood 04:18
9 411 Exit 21 South 03:36
10 The Big Posse New York Drive By 04:24


“The Hill That’s Real” is a compilation album that showcases various artists in the hip-hop genre. Released on November 10, 1992, by 4th & Broadway, the album features a diverse array of talents, including Li’l Fame, ASAP, Big Ken, Sean Mic, Smuve-Ruff, 411, and The Big Posse.

The compilation album consists of 10 tracks that provide a unique blend of different styles and themes within the hip-hop community. Opening with Li’l Fame’s “Bring The Rukus,” the album sets the tone for a raw and energetic listening experience. With tracks like ASAP’s “Wrek The Art” and “It’s On You,” the album showcases the versatility of the artists featured.

Collaborative efforts like “Crew Full Of Shorties” by Li’l Fame, Big Ken, Sean Mic, and Smuve-Ruff, as well as “New York Drive By” by The Big Posse, highlight the chemistry and synergy between the performers. Solo tracks like “The Hill That’s Real” by Li’l Fame, “All About The Pussy” by Big Ken, “4 Star Bitch” by Big Ken, “Neighborhood Hood” by Li’l Fame, and “Exit 21 South” by 411 demonstrate each artist’s unique style and talent.

Recorded at Jewel Studios and I.N.S. Studios, the album features a mixture of production by Silver D and Broke Ass Mo From Brooklyn. The project was executive produced by Blossette Kitson, and features mastering by Chris Gehringer, with photography by Jules Allen and art direction by Deborah Melian.

“The Hill That’s Real” compilation album serves as a testament to the rich and diverse talent in the hip-hop scene during the early 1990s. This collection of tracks offers listeners a snapshot of the vibrant and innovative spirit that continues to define the genre.



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