Mental Illness – Can’t Stand It / The Funky Quiet Storm


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1 Can’t Stand It (Radio Mix) 04:11
2 Can’t Stand It (Radio Reggae Mix) 04:13
3 The Funky Quiet Storm (Radio Mix) 04:35
4 The Funky Quiet Storm (Instrumental) 04:31


“Can’t Stand It / The Funky Quiet Storm” is the sole release by the Virginia-based rap group, Mental Illness. Comprised of members Grandmaster Slice (Stacey Rogers) and Chuck Smooth (Charles Fulp), the duo made a brief yet impactful contribution to the underground hip-hop scene. Released in 1992 by Kross Fade Records, this CD single features four tracks that showcase the group’s dynamic talent.

The single kicks off with “Can’t Stand It (Radio Mix),” a 4:05-minute track that demonstrates the group’s raw and energetic rap style. The second track, “Can’t Stand It (Radio Reggae Mix),” puts an inventive spin on the original, incorporating reggae elements for a unique listening experience. The third track, “The Funky Quiet Storm (Radio Mix),” is a 4:29-minute offering that highlights the duo’s ability to fuse diverse hip-hop styles, while the final track, “The Funky Quiet Storm (Instrumental),” allows fans to appreciate the artistry of the production.

Engineered by Scott Frazier, the single was mixed by Mental Illness themselves, showcasing their dedication to crafting a polished sound. Production credits are shared among Chuck Smooth (tracks 1 & 2), Grandmaster Slice (tracks 3 & 4), and Mike City (tracks 1 to 3).

Though the group’s time in the spotlight was brief, their innovative approach to hip-hop made a lasting impact on the underground scene. “Can’t Stand It / The Funky Quiet Storm” stands as a testament to Mental Illness’s unique style and talent, and remains a cherished piece of hip-hop history for dedicated fans and collectors alike.



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