Suge White – Suge White The Album


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1 Got Them Packs 02:42
2 All The Smoke 03:55
Featuring – Chris Wise, Yaga
3 Phone Callin’ 02:48
Featuring – Lil Mop Top
4 Hate To Say, Pt. 2 02:50
5 John Cena 01:58
6 Big Mad 02:53
7 Ignorant 03:08
8 Fly 02:44
Featuring – Jalen Renna, Jonah Renna
9 Big Mad (Remix) 03:53
Featuring – Lil Mop Top, CJ Young


“Suge White The Album” is an impressive project by New Jersey-based rapper Suge White, released on October 26, 2018, under Hang Gang Records. The album consists of 9 solid tracks featuring an array of talented artists like Chris Wise, Yaga, Lil Mop Top, Jalen Renna, Jonah Renna, and CJ Young. The project highlights Suge White’s undeniable lyrical prowess and knack for creating catchy hooks and memorable verses.

The album opens with “Got Them Packs,” setting the tone with an infectious beat and Suge White’s confident delivery. In “All The Smoke,” Chris Wise and Yaga join Suge White for a high-energy track showcasing their distinct rap styles. “Phone Callin’,” featuring Lil Mop Top, delivers a captivating narrative, while “Hate To Say, Pt. 2” serves as a reflective piece on personal growth and ambition.

“John Cena” and “Big Mad” boast hard-hitting beats that complement Suge White’s aggressive flow, while “Ignorant” offers a raw, unapologetic look into the rapper’s mindset. “Fly,” featuring Jalen Renna and Jonah Renna, brings a more melodic approach, demonstrating Suge White’s versatility as an artist. The album concludes with a powerful remix of “Big Mad,” featuring Lil Mop Top and CJ Young, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

“Suge White The Album” is a testament to the rapper’s talent and potential, showcasing a wide range of styles and themes while staying true to his unique sound. With its diverse features and captivating tracks, the album is a must-listen for hip-hop fans.



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