Bulletz, AK & Roscoe Are Tha Armory – Armz Up


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1 Bang This 04:11
2 Get Used To Me 05:49
Featuring – Kurupt
3 Get It 03:45
4 Kill A Muthafucka 03:06
Featuring – Kurupt
5 Set It Off 03:39
Featuring – Breezy
6 Burn It Down 04:24
8 High 04:22
9 Dress To Kill 03:42
Featuring – Motoe Blizzid
10 All Out 03:06
Featuring – Goldie Capone
11 Pop’n Off 04:12
Featuring – Bizzle
12 Think It’s A Game 03:34
Featuring – Bizzle, Young Ace, Z
13 You Don’t Want That 02:26
14 This Gang 04:14
15 Armory Gang 04:13
16 You Ain’t Ready 03:39
Featuring – Goldie Capone, Tekneek
17 My Life 05:50
18 Aim 01:07
19 Do The Damn Thing (Bonus) 04:51
Featuring – Cool


“Armz Up” is a hard-hitting collaboration album by rappers Bulletz, AK, and Roscoe, collectively known as Tha Armory. Released in 2008 by Affiliated Records, the album showcases the lyrical prowess of Philadelphia-based rappers Bulletz and AK, along with the talents of West Coast rapper Roscoe. With strong roots in gangsta rap, “Armz Up” is a fusion of East Coast and West Coast hip-hop styles, creating a unique and powerful sound.

The album features 19 tracks and includes contributions from prominent artists like Kurupt, Breezy, Goldie Capone, Young Ace, Motoe Blizzid, Bizzle, Z, Tekneek, and Cool. The combination of energetic beats, aggressive lyrics, and smooth production makes “Armz Up” a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Tha Armory members come from diverse backgrounds. Bulletz and AK hail from Philadelphia, bringing their gritty street rhymes and experiences to the mix. Roscoe, born David Brown in 1983, is the younger brother of rap legend Kurupt, and made a name for himself with his debut album, “Young Roscoe Philaphornia.” Roscoe’s West Coast influence and connections add a distinct flavor to the album, making “Armz Up” a true blend of hip-hop styles.

Tracks like “Bang This,” “Get Used To Me,” and “Murder’n Shit” showcase the group’s ability to craft memorable hooks and spit razor-sharp verses, while tracks such as “High” and “You Don’t Want That” offer introspective moments for listeners to reflect on. “Armz Up” is an album that takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Philadelphia and Los Angeles, painting vivid pictures of life in these urban environments.

Throughout the album, Tha Armory touches on themes like ambition, survival, and loyalty. The members of the group share their personal experiences and struggles, while still delivering a high-energy listening experience. The chemistry between Bulletz, AK, and Roscoe is evident throughout the project, with each rapper complementing the others’ styles and flows.

“Armz Up” may be the only studio album released by Tha Armory, but it has left a lasting impression on the hip-hop scene. With its fusion of East Coast and West Coast rap styles, the album showcases the talents of three skilled rappers and has become a cult classic among fans of the genre. If you’re looking for an album that packs a punch and provides a raw, unfiltered look into the lives of its creators, “Armz Up” by Tha Armory is the perfect choice.



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