Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket – Ruff Life


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1 10 Below 00:29
2 To Da Head 03:50
3 20 Below 00:17
4 Livin’ In Da Bottle 03:50
5 Not U Again 04:26
6 I Love Loosey’s 04:16
7 Ruff Neck Style 04:01
8 Gettin’ Money 04:59
9 We Got This 04:38
10 30 Below 00:23
11 Ruff Life (In Da City) 03:57
12 I Ain’t Da One 04:08
13 Collette Da Pet 04:28
14 40 Below 00:46


“Ruff Life” is the only studio album by the rap group Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket, hailing from Paterson, New Jersey. Released in 1992 by Select Records, this hip-hop gem features a combination of raw lyrics, engaging beats, and innovative production techniques. Cool Money Cee (Christopher McKinney) and DJ Menal (Eric Menal) came together as a duo to create an unforgettable and unique sound that resonates with fans of the genre.

The album consists of 14 tracks, including several short interludes (10 Below, 20 Below, 30 Below, and 40 Below) that separate and accentuate the full-length songs. Among the standout tracks are “To Da Head,” “Livin’ In Da Bottle,” “Not U Again,” “Ruff Neck Style,” “Gettin’ Money,” “We Got This,” “Ruff Life (In Da City),” “I Ain’t Da One,” and “Collette Da Pet.” The album showcases the duo’s versatility, with tracks varying in tempo, mood, and subject matter.

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket’s production skills shine through on this album, as they produced most of the tracks themselves. However, they collaborated with the Naughty Boys for the production of “Livin’ In Da Bottle” and “Gettin’ Money.” The album was recorded at various studios, including Quad Recording Studios, Unique Recording, Quantum Sound Studios, and Stardust Recording Studio.

“Ruff Life” also features several samples from other artists, such as The Turtles, Mandrill, and Sam & Dave, which adds depth and texture to the tracks. Though short-lived as a duo, Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket left a lasting impression on the hip-hop scene with their only studio album, “Ruff Life.”



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