9000 – Kids Win 3.5


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1 Kids Win Time 02:43
2 Lose It All 2day 03:11
3 Phuck Me Up 02:45
4 Yo Ye Yo Ye 03:12
5 Loch Ness Monster 03:06
6 Oh My Kali 03:44
7 Baby Mama Drug 03:37
8 Such A Bad Day 04:14


“Kids Win 3.5” is a captivating project by the rap group 9000, hailing from Queens, New York City. Released on October 26, 2018, under the labels Ruby Recordings and All We Ask Is Trust LLC, the mixtape boasts eight tracks that demonstrate the group’s diverse range of styles and lyrical prowess.

The album begins with “Kids Win Time,” a high-energy track that sets the tone for the project with its powerful beat and engaging lyrics. The second track, “Lose It All 2day,” continues the momentum, delivering a strong message and showcasing the group’s ability to create memorable hooks.

“Phuck Me Up” offers a more introspective look at the group’s experiences while maintaining the energy and unique sound that 9000 is known for. “Yo Ye Yo Ye” follows, providing a catchy and rhythmic track that is sure to make listeners move.

“Loch Ness Monster” displays the group’s storytelling skills and vivid imagery, while “Oh My Kali” serves up a catchy hook and a smooth beat. “Baby Mama Drug” dives into the complexities of relationships, and “Such A Bad Day” wraps up the album with a more somber tone, providing a strong and emotive conclusion to the project.

Overall, “Kids Win 3.5” demonstrates the versatility and talent of rap group 9000, showcasing their ability to create tracks that resonate with listeners and solidifying their place in the New York City hip-hop scene.



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