Scientifik – The Most Blunted


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1 I Used To Know Ya 04:32
2 B**ch I Don’t Need Ya 04:04
3 Slicka Picka Upper 03:54
4 I’m Taking Your Girl 03:52
5 It’s Murda Son 03:29
6 I Ain’t The Damn One 03:25
7 The Most Blunted 03:20
8 Hardcore Love 03:45
9 It’s On 03:46
10 Disco Tech 03:30


“The Most Blunted” is the first album by Boston-based rapper Scientifik, recorded around 1992 and officially released on December 12, 2006 by Traffic Entertainment Group. Showcasing Scientifik’s talent in the hip hop genre, particularly the boom bap style, this album features ten tracks that capture the essence of the early 90s rap scene.

The album kicks off with “I Used to Know Ya,” setting the tone with its dynamic beats and clever wordplay. As the project unfolds, tracks like “B**ch I Don’t Need Ya,” “Slicka Picka Upper,” and “I’m Taking Your Girl” demonstrate the rapper’s ability to create catchy hooks and engaging verses. With songs like “It’s Murda Son” and “I Ain’t The Damn One,” Scientifik displays his prowess in storytelling and social commentary.

“The Most Blunted,” the album’s title track, highlights the artist’s unique style and powerful lyrics. Other tracks, such as “Hardcore Love,” “It’s On,” and “Disco Tech,” further enrich the listening experience, showcasing Scientifik’s versatility as a rapper.

Initially recorded as a demo tape in 1992, “The Most Blunted” didn’t see an official release until 2006. Despite the challenges, Scientifik’s talent and creativity shine through, making this album a noteworthy addition to the hip-hop landscape of the early 90s.



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