Various – Blazin’ The Soundtrack


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1 Cuban Link Straight Blazin’ 04:11
2 Beatnuts Off The Books 03:02
Featuring – Big Punisher
3 Raekwon, American Cream Team Cuttin It Up 03:04
4 Arrested Development Lost Soldiers 05:27
5 Gravediggaz Burn Baby Burn 04:22
6 KRS-One I Will Make It 03:08
7 Sunz Of Man Who Are The Sunz Of Man? 05:29
8 Three-6-Mafia Face Down 03:04
9 Legion Squad Blazin’ 04:17
10 Original ‘P’ Funk One Nation Under A Groove 02:03
11 LV, Prodeje Born II Roll 04:06
12 Big Hutch Aka Cold 187um, Saafir Players, Gangstas And Ballers 05:51
13 Diehard: Melle Mel Aka Big Melle, Rondō On Lock 04:01
14 King Tee That ‘G’ Sh*t 03:27
15 South Central Cartel, C.P.O. Face And A Blast 04:35
16 E-A-Ski 25 With A Mil Ticket 03:46
17 Chico Delvec The M.A.F.I.A. 03:57
18 Beat Pharmacie Megaphone 03:34
Featuring – Apl.De.Ap, Black Eyed Peas, Tre
19 TQ, Shade Sheist, P-Nutt Take Me With You 03:22
20 N8E The Ultimate Smooth Derelic 04:13


“Blazin’ The Soundtrack” is a star-studded compilation album featuring a diverse array of artists from the hip-hop world. Released on November 6, 2001, by Activate Entertainment, this album is a testament to the talent and creativity that defined the hip-hop scene at the time. With an impressive lineup including Cuban Link, Beatnuts, Big Punisher, Raekwon, American Cream Team, Arrested Development, Gravediggaz, KRS-One, Sunz of Man, Three-6-Mafia, Legion Squad, and many others, this compilation is a must-have for any hip-hop enthusiast.

The album kicks off with Cuban Link’s “Straight Blazin’,” setting the tone for the compilation with its infectious beat and powerful lyrics. The energy continues with Beatnuts’ “Off The Books,” featuring the late, great Big Punisher. Raekwon & American Cream Team join forces on “Cuttin It Up,” a smooth, lyrically impressive track that showcases their undeniable chemistry.

“Lost Soldiers” by Arrested Development offers a more introspective, thought-provoking approach, while Gravediggaz bring the heat with “Burn Baby Burn.” KRS-One’s “I Will Make It” is a powerful anthem of resilience, followed by Sunz of Man’s introspective “Who Are The Sunz Of Man?”

Three-6-Mafia keeps the energy high with “Face Down,” before Legion Squad’s “Blazin'” adds a catchy, upbeat vibe to the mix. The compilation takes a funky turn with Original ‘P’ Funk’s “One Nation Under A Groove,” while LV & Prodeje’s “Born II Roll” offers a West Coast flavor. Big Hutch aka Cold 187um and Saafir collaborate on the gritty “Players, Gangstas, And Ballers,” and Diehard’s Melle Mel aka Big Melle and Rondō come together for “On Lock.”

The album continues with tracks from King Tee, South Central Cartel & C.P.O., E-A-Ski, Chico Delvec, Beat Pharmacie, Apl.De.Ap, Black Eyed Peas, Tre, TQ, Shade Sheist, P-Nutt, and N8E, each bringing their unique sound and style to the compilation. “Blazin’ The Soundtrack” is a testament to the rich tapestry of hip-hop and a showcase of the incredible talent that the genre has to offer.



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