Kavio – C-Bo Presents: Hitta’$ On Tha Payroll


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1 Intro (The Makings Of A Boss) 01:49
2 Original Gangstas 04:16
Featuring – Bad Azz, Goldie Loc, Kokane, MC Eiht
3 Kicc Down Tha Door 03:32
Featuring – Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo
4 C-Walk 04:11
Featuring – C-Lim, K-Style
5 U Know 03:48
Featuring – Po, Skee64oz
6 I Got’Em Going Crazy (Interlude) 01:06
7 Cuz I’m A Pimp 03:33
Featuring – Po
8 Make Dat Azz Clap 04:49
Featuring – B-Bay, Po
9 Pimpin Ken Speaks 01:26
Featuring – Pimpin Ken
10 Hoe Up Or Blow Up 04:29
Featuring – C-Lim, SD Tha Pimp
11 Socc It To Kavi’s Pocket 00:23
Featuring – Pimpin Ken
12 Real Talk 03:30
Featuring – Cyco, Yukmouth
13 Pop Pop 03:40
Featuring – B-Bay, Black Al Capone, C-Lim
14 Tha Life We Live 05:34
Featuring – B-Bay, Crime Boss, Skee64oz
15 Let’Em Know 04:23
Featuring – 40 Glocc, Alease Walker, CJ Mac, Mississippi
16 A Moment Of Silence For Big Tookie 02:13
Featuring – Alease Walker
17 I Miss U 04:23
Featuring – Baby Throwdown, Bay Bay, Uncut
18 U Can Make It (Thug Motivation) 04:07
Featuring – Alease Walker
19 Outro (Words From A Made Man) 01:29
20 Get’Cha Slang On 06:08
Featuring – B-Bay, D-Red, Po


“C-Bo Presents: Hitta’$ On Tha Payroll” is the only studio album by Compton, California rapper Kavio, released on October 9, 2007, by West Coast Mafia Records. The 20-track album boasts a star-studded lineup of featured artists, including Bad Azz, Goldie Loc, Kokane, MC Eiht, Brotha Lynch Hung, and C-Bo, among others, and showcases Kavio’s skills as a lyricist and his ability to collaborate with a variety of fellow rappers.

The album begins with the powerful “Intro (The Makings Of A Boss)” and leads into “Original Gangstas,” a track that unites some of the West Coast’s most prominent artists. Throughout the album, Kavio showcases his versatile style, from the energetic “C-Walk” to the introspective “Real Talk” featuring Cyco and Yukmouth.

Standout tracks like “Kicc Down Tha Door,” “Cuz I’m A Pimp,” and “Hoe Up Or Blow Up” highlight Kavio’s gritty lyrics and raw storytelling, reflecting the realities of street life. The album also features a tribute to Stanley “Tookie” Williams with “A Moment Of Silence For Big Tookie” and the motivational track “U Can Make It (Thug Motivation).”

Kavio collaborated with various producers such as Jay G, Raw Steele, Touch Tone, and T-Roy, creating a diverse sonic landscape that captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop in the 2000s. “C-Bo Presents: Hitta’$ On Tha Payroll” is a testament to Kavio’s talent and contribution to the West Coast rap scene, showcasing his skills as both an artist and collaborator.



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