The Mack Clan – On The Rise

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1 The Mack Clan 03:24
2 Another Day In The Hood 03:39
3 Base Head 05:30
4 The Stories I Tell 03:42
5 Life On The Streets 04:17
6 Don’t Stop The Music 04:27


“On The Rise” is the 1992 debut EP from South San Francisco / Daly City, California rap group The Mack Clan. Released under their own label, Mack Clan Prod., this EP offers an authentic taste of early ’90s West Coast gangsta rap, showcasing the group’s storytelling abilities and gritty street narratives.

The EP begins with the self-titled track “The Mack Clan,” introducing listeners to the group’s unique style and dynamic. “Another Day In The Hood” follows, delving into the realities of life in their community, while “Base Head” addresses the issues surrounding drug addiction.

On Side B, “The Stories I Tell” offers a captivating and vivid portrayal of life on the streets, showcasing the group’s lyricism and storytelling prowess. “Life On The Streets” continues this exploration, providing a raw account of the struggles and challenges faced by those living in their neighborhood. The EP closes with “Don’t Stop The Music,” a track that encourages listeners to keep pushing forward despite the difficulties they may face.

“On The Rise” is a prime example of early ’90s gangsta rap, with The Mack Clan’s captivating storytelling and powerful lyricism shining through on each track. The EP offers a raw and unfiltered look into the lives of those living in the streets, making it an essential listen for fans of the genre.

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