Topdolla Sweizy & 3ohBlack – Sweizy Legg


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1 Overseas 02:31
2 Act A Foo 02:33
3 Percocet 03:35
4 Solo 02:52
5 Rubberband 03:09
6 So Cool 03:00
7 Sell It Self 03:18
8 Withdrawls 03:03
9 Perfect 02:15
10 Come Back 02:34


Sweizy Legg, a collaboration project by Washington, DC-based rappers Topdolla Sweizy and 3ohBlack, was released on January 31, 2020, under the label Sweizy Gang. The dynamic duo showcases their talents and synergy throughout the 10-track album, combining their unique styles to create an engaging listening experience for fans of both artists and hip-hop enthusiasts alike.

The project kicks off with “Overseas,” setting the tone with its catchy beats and engaging lyrics. The energy continues with “Act A Foo,” a track that demonstrates the rappers’ ability to create hard-hitting verses and hooks. “Percocet” slows things down a bit, delving into more introspective territory while maintaining the album’s overall vibe.

“Solo” picks up the pace again with its upbeat tempo, followed by “Rubberband,” a track that showcases the artists’ versatility in both flow and lyrical content. “So Cool” offers a laid-back, chill vibe, allowing listeners to appreciate the seamless collaboration between Topdolla Sweizy and 3ohBlack.

“Sell It Self” brings the energy back up with its infectious beat and catchy hook, while “Withdrawls” explores the challenges of success and the music industry. “Perfect” offers a short, yet impactful track that highlights the duo’s lyrical prowess. The project concludes with “Come Back,” leaving listeners wanting more from this dynamic partnership.

Sweizy Legg is a testament to the talent and potential of Topdolla Sweizy and 3ohBlack as individual artists and collaborators. Fans of both rappers and hip-hop enthusiasts will enjoy this well-crafted project.



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