FTR Drama – Cold Sweats


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1 Cold Sweats 03:19
2 4/5 Babies 03:35
3 Granny 03:27
4 I Pray 02:04
5 OTW 03:59
Featuring – Trapn Hardo
6 City Aint Safe 02:49
Featuring – Jimmy Wopo
7 I Gat A Bag 02:50
8 Plenty Of Fish 03:49
Featuring – Prophie Luciano
9 School Zone 03:26
10 Wash My Hands 04:05


“Cold Sweats” is a gripping mixtape by rapper FTR Drama, who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Released on March 1, 2019, by Full Time Ent and Trap Illustrated, the project showcases FTR Drama’s raw talent and vivid storytelling abilities.

The mixtape opens with the intense title track, “Cold Sweats,” setting the tone for the emotional and introspective journey that follows. Throughout the 10-track project, FTR Drama delves deep into personal experiences and the struggles that come with life on the streets.

Notable tracks like “4/5 Babies” and “Granny” display FTR Drama’s ability to create captivating narratives, while songs like “I Pray” and “Wash My Hands” showcase his introspective side and determination to rise above adversity.

The mixtape features collaborations with other talented artists such as Trapn Hardo on “OTW,” Jimmy Wopo on “City Aint Safe,” and Prophie Luciano on “Plenty Of Fish.” These collaborations add depth and variety to the project, elevating it to new heights.

With its gritty production and FTR Drama’s compelling lyrical prowess, “Cold Sweats” is a powerful statement from an artist who is not afraid to confront the harsh realities of life head-on.



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