Ankhlejohn – Lordy Is God


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1 Book Of Genesis 03:49
2 Gone By Tonight 02:13
3 Leviticus 11:7 03:27
4 Child Of King 02:12
5 Let The Church Say 03:02
6 Visions Of Veuve 02:59
7 Wale & Logic 01:36
8 Mustang 5.0 02:15
9 Noramndie & Western 01:25
10 District Of Champions 02:52


“Lordy Is God” is a gripping album by Washington, DC-based rapper Ankhlejohn, released on November 21, 2019, through Shaap Records. This project showcases Ankhlejohn’s distinctive voice, introspective lyricism, and masterful storytelling, providing listeners with a vivid portrayal of his experiences and perspectives.

The album begins with “Book Of Genesis,” a powerful introduction that sets the tone for the entire project. Ankhlejohn’s raw and authentic style is evident from the start, drawing listeners in with his profound verses and intricate beats. “Gone By Tonight” follows, offering a haunting and reflective track that delves into the struggles and challenges he has faced.

“Leviticus 11:7” further exemplifies Ankhlejohn’s unique approach to storytelling, using biblical references to convey his message. “Child Of King” is an empowering anthem that speaks to Ankhlejohn’s confidence in his abilities and his place in the world.

“Let The Church Say” is a captivating track that combines elements of spirituality and street wisdom, while “Visions Of Veuve” showcases Ankhlejohn’s ambitions and aspirations. “Wale & Logic” serves as a nod to fellow DC-based artists and the competitive nature of the rap game.

“Mustang 5.0” offers a fast-paced and energetic track, highlighting Ankhlejohn’s versatility as an artist. “Normandie & Western” is a brief yet impactful interlude, setting the stage for the album’s powerful conclusion. “District Of Champions” wraps up the project with a triumphant anthem celebrating Ankhlejohn’s hometown of Washington, DC.

Throughout “Lordy Is God,” Ankhlejohn, whose real name is John Tucker, delivers an exceptional listening experience, blending deep introspection with captivating storytelling. This album is a must-listen for fans of underground hip-hop and those seeking to discover emerging talent in the genre.



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