Rough House Survivers – Straight From The Soul


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1 Take A Trip 05:05
2 Can U Dig It? 04:08
Featuring – C.L. Smooth
3 So! Survivors, We Can Rhyme 04:17
4 Straight From The Soul 03:52
5 On The Flex 04:33
6 We Come To Get Wreck 04:34
Featuring – Sadat X
7 Rough House 04:57
8 Check Da Back Pack 04:05
9 Once Again 04:58
10 Stick Da Butt Out 03:44


“Straight From The Soul” is the only studio album by New York rap group Rough House Survivers, released on November 17, 1992, by Relativity. The album showcases the group’s prowess in the hip hop genre, with a focus on the boom bap and hardcore hip-hop styles. Featuring ten tracks, this album is a testament to the raw talent and energy that the group brought to the scene in the early ’90s.

Opening with “Take A Trip,” the album sets the stage with catchy beats and engaging lyrics. As the tracks progress, listeners are treated to collaborations with renowned artists such as C.L. Smooth on “Can U Dig It?” and Sadat X on “We Come To Get Wreck.” These collaborations highlight the group’s ability to blend their unique sound with the styles of other prominent artists.

Tracks like “So! Survivors, We Can Rhyme,” “Straight From The Soul,” and “On The Flex” showcase the group’s versatility and skill in storytelling and social commentary. With songs such as “Rough House,” “Check Da Back Pack,” and “Once Again,” Rough House Survivers display their gift for creating memorable hooks and captivating verses.

“Straight From The Soul” also features unique samples from legendary artists like James Brown, Mandrill, The Crusaders, and Booker T. & The MG’s, further enriching the album’s sound and demonstrating the group’s appreciation for various musical influences.

As a testament to the talent and passion of Rough House Survivers, “Straight From The Soul” remains a cherished piece of early ’90s hip-hop history that captures the essence of the genre during that era.



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