YZ – Sons Of The Father


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1 Intro & Sons Of The Father 03:39
2 In Control Of Things 04:30
3 Back Again 04:58
4 I’m Workin’ 05:18
5 Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes) 04:00
6 Misel Plic Remix 04:33
7 Tower With The Power 05:19
8 Spank-Ed 05:18
9 Who’s That Girl 03:19
10 Taggin’ It Up 03:18
11 Diss Fe Liar 05:36
12 Thinking Of A Master Plan 03:59
13 Father’s Exit & Outro 02:55


“Sons of The Father” is the debut studio album by New Jersey-based rapper YZ, released on April 10, 1990, by Tuff City Records. Featuring a blend of conscious lyricism and strong beats, the album showcases YZ’s skills as a rapper and lyricist, providing a solid foundation for his future works.

The album consists of 13 tracks, opening with “Intro & Sons of The Father,” setting the tone for the rest of the record. Songs such as “In Control of Things,” “Back Again,” and “I’m Workin'” demonstrate YZ’s ability to craft powerful and engaging lyrics. “Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes)” and “Mixel Plic Remix” provide catchy hooks and memorable beats, while “Tower With The Power” features an interpolation of Bobby Womack’s “Breezin’.”

Other notable tracks include “Spank-Ed,” “Who’s That Girl,” “Taggin’ It Up,” “Diss Fe Liar,” and “Thinking Of A Master Plan.” The album closes with “Father’s Exit & Outro,” leaving listeners with a strong impression of YZ’s artistic vision.

“Sons of The Father” was produced for Two Tone Productions and Diversity Records, recorded and mixed at Epsilon Studios. The album features cover design by Cara Cox, engineering by Nick Sansano, Ron Shaffer, and Tom Zepp, and executive production by Anthony Hill and J. Timothy Baylor.

YZ’s debut album, “Sons of The Father,” remains a significant piece of early ’90s hip-hop history, highlighting the talents of a promising rapper and setting the stage for his future projects.



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