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1 Fudge Funk 01:04
2 Fudge Pudge 05:31
3 Walk Into The Sun 05:05
4 Releasing Hypnotical Gases 05:16
5 Audience Pleasers 03:39
6 Jiminez Criqueta 01:25
7 Prisoners Of War 04:37
8 The Rough Side Of Town 04:47
9 Organized Konfusion 04:48
10 P.S. 48 01:43
11 Roosevelt Franklin 03:59
12 Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken? (Remix) 03:31
13 Open Your Eyes 04:57
14 Intro 02:17
15 Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken? 04:05


Organized Konfusion’s self-titled debut album, released on October 25, 1991, by Hollywood BASIC, marked the beginning of a groundbreaking journey for the Queens, New York-based rap group. The hip hop duo, consisting of Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch, introduced their unique blend of boom bap and conscious rap styles that would go on to influence the genre for years to come.

The album features 15 tracks with a variety of guest musicians, such as Adam Ant Anton on piano and guitar, O.C. on the track “Fudge Pudge,” and The Merrick Park Baptist Gospel Choir on “Open Your Eyes.” The album was recorded at Power Play, Long Island City, Rawlstons, Brooklyn, and Calliope, NYC, while being mixed at Power Play and mastered at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs. The duo produced and mixed the album themselves, showcasing their talent for crafting beats and melodies that complemented their thought-provoking lyrics.

Organized Konfusion’s debut album received critical acclaim, and its lead single “Walk Into The Sun” became a minor hit, peaking at No. 15 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. Despite not making any Billboard chart, the album was praised by various sources, including AllMusic, which awarded it a perfect five-star rating.

The album set the stage for the duo’s future projects, such as their 1994 follow-up album, “Stress: The Extinction Agenda,” and their third album, “The Equinox,” released in 1997. The group eventually disbanded to pursue solo careers, but their debut album remains a seminal work in the hip-hop genre, influencing generations of artists to come.



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