U.T.K. – The Risen


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1 Can’t Fuck Wit Us 02:55
2 Rutheless Playas’ 05:02
3 Crossfire 03:57
4 How We Do 04:23
5 Take ‘Em Out 05:08
6 Poetic Jazz 03:07
7 Ghetto Love 04:59
8 Wild Lifestyle 04:44
9 Rap Enterprize 05:15
10 Real 06:31
11 Press Rewind 04:15
12 We’re Out 03:07


“The Risen” is an extremely rare and sought-after hip-hop album by U.T.K. from Huntington, West Virginia. Released in 1998 under the Tazmaniac Productions label (TMP9801), this album is a testament to the raw talent and gritty sounds of the late 90s hip-hop scene. The album showcases U.T.K.’s gangsta style, with a total of 12 tracks that demonstrate his lyrical prowess and exceptional production.

The album kicks off with the assertive track “Can’t Fuck Wit Us,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. As the album progresses, U.T.K. delivers tracks like “Rutheless Playas'” and “Crossfire,” which highlight their ability to create compelling narratives and captivating hooks. “How We Do” and “Take ‘Em Out” showcase the group’s dynamic energy and their skill in crafting memorable verses.

In addition to the gangsta-themed tracks, “The Risen” also features “Poetic Jazz,” a more introspective and laid-back tune that demonstrates U.T.K.’s versatility as artists. “Ghetto Love” and “Wild Lifestyle” explore themes of love and life in the streets, further establishing the album’s authenticity and depth.

“Rap Enterprize” and “Real” continue to impress with their storytelling and lyrical skills, while “Press Rewind” serves as a reflective piece, encouraging listeners to look back on their own experiences. The album concludes with “We’re Out,” a fitting finale that leaves listeners wanting more.

“The Risen” is a true gem in the world of underground hip-hop. The album’s rarity, combined with its impressive array of tracks and the undeniable talent of U.T.K., makes it a must-have for any serious hip-hop collector or fan of the late 90s gangsta rap scene.



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