Naughty By Nature – Illtown Sluggaz


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1 Thug Love 04:32
2 Don’t Believe 03:24
3 Feel Me Flow (E-A-Ski Remix) 03:53
4 Poor Man’s Poetry 02:59
5 Dont Make Me Wait 03:29
6 Nothing To Lose 03:41
7 Wifey Material 03:20
8 Pop Pop Pop 03:34
9 Hip Hop’s Pain 04:23
10 Doo Wop Freestyle 01:15


“Illtown Sluggaz” is a powerful compilation project by the iconic rap group Naughty By Nature hailing from East Orange, New Jersey. Released on November 22, 2019, under NBN Music, this compilation showcases the group’s signature style, combining raw lyricism with catchy hooks and top-notch production. Illtown Sluggaz demonstrates Naughty By Nature’s continued relevance in the hip-hop landscape, blending classic elements with fresh sounds.

The compilation begins with “Thug Love,” a hard-hitting track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Don’t Believe” follows, offering thought-provoking lyrics combined with a catchy beat. The E-A-Ski Remix of “Feel Me Flow” adds a fresh spin to a fan-favorite track, giving listeners a new way to enjoy the classic tune.

“Poor Man’s Poetry” showcases the group’s storytelling abilities, while “Don’t Make Me Wait” delivers an infectious beat that’s sure to get listeners moving. “Nothing To Lose” provides a powerful anthem for the underdog, motivating listeners to keep pushing forward.

“Wifey Material” is a smooth track that showcases Naughty By Nature’s versatility, followed by “Pop Pop Pop,” a high-energy song with an addictive beat. “Hip Hop’s Pain” dives deeper into the group’s introspective side, discussing the struggles and triumphs of the music industry. Finally, “Doo Wop Freestyle” wraps up the compilation with a showcase of Naughty By Nature’s lyrical prowess and undeniable talent.

“Illtown Sluggaz” is a must-listen for fans of Naughty By Nature and hip-hop enthusiasts alike, offering a collection of tracks that encapsulate the group’s influential sound and legacy.



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