Dyce Payso – Boss Dreaming 3


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1 Listen Up 03:27
Featuring – Nazzy Naz
2 Get Doe 02:40
3 The Same Way 02:43
4 No Cap 02:24
Featuring – Ron Browz
5 Need Me 02:36
Featuring – Nazzy Naz
6 Different Cloth 03:29
Featuring – Bossbred Dub
7 Take It Back 03:02
Featuring – Antha Bee, Richie Rozay
8 I Know 02:24
Featuring – Lou Got Cash
9 The Season 02:46
10 Ride 04:07
Featuring – Don Q, Who Is Roise
11 Birthday 02:46
Featuring – Nazzy Naz, Richie Rozay
12 Past Love 02:42
13 Switch Up 02:34
Featuring – Nazzy Naz
14 One Day 03:05
Featuring – M. Eye


“Boss Dreaming 3” is a dynamic mixtape by Dyce Payso, hailing from The Bronx, New York. Released on February 8, 2019, through BossBred Records, the project features a stellar lineup of collaborators such as Nazzy Naz, Ron Browz, Bossbred Dub, Antha Bee, Richie Rozay, Lou Got Cash, Don Q, Who Is Roise, and M. Eye, making it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The mixtape opens with “Listen Up,” a powerful introduction featuring Nazzy Naz that sets the tone for the entire project. “Get Doe” follows, showcasing Dyce Payso’s relentless drive to succeed, while “The Same Way” serves as a reflection on the rapper’s journey and the struggles he has faced.

“No Cap,” featuring the legendary Ron Browz, is a high-energy track that demonstrates Dyce Payso’s versatility and adaptability. “Need Me” is another collaboration with Nazzy Naz, exploring themes of loyalty and trust in relationships. “Different Cloth,” featuring Bossbred Dub, is a declaration of Dyce Payso’s individuality and the unique qualities that set him apart from his peers.

“Take It Back,” featuring Antha Bee and Richie Rozay, is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the good old days. “I Know,” featuring Lou Got Cash, is an assertive track that highlights the rapper’s confidence in his abilities. “The Season” is a motivational anthem, inspiring listeners to strive for greatness and achieve their goals.

“Ride,” featuring Don Q and Who Is Roise, is a powerful collaboration that showcases the rappers’ undeniable chemistry. “Birthday,” featuring Nazzy Naz and Richie Rozay, is a celebration of life and success. “Past Love” delves into the complexities of relationships, while “Switch Up” and “One Day” round out the mixtape with introspective tracks that display Dyce Payso’s growth as an artist.

Overall, “Boss Dreaming 3” offers a captivating listening experience, combining hard-hitting beats with raw, authentic lyricism that reflects Dyce Payso’s life experiences and relentless pursuit of success.



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