Various – O.F.T.B. Presents Return Of The West – A Flatbroke Compilation


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1 Poetic Punishment, Sidas, Flipside of O.F.T.B. Done Deal 04:46
2 Flat Broke Goon Squad, O.F.T.B. Off The Ringer 04:31
3 Mark Love On The Run 04:02
4 June Dawg Ride Or Die 03:29
5 Sidas We Sidas 03:49
6 Reservoir Dogs Change My World 04:39
7 O.F.T.B. In Too Deep 03:38
8 Problem Chylde Cold Blooded 05:17
9 Ver-C-Tile, B-Brazy It’s Going Down 02:57
10 China Girl Chosen One 03:20
11 Known Fellons Butt Naked 03:23
12 Bad Habitz, Dj 2-Tuff Creeper 05:03
13 Kenyata, Low Of O.F.T.B. Where Are U Now 03:07
14 Poetic Punishment, Reservoir Dogs No Enemies 04:54
15 Gary Burner, China Girl, Big Time, The Hit Men Muddy Riches 04:33
16 Seattle’s Finest Sherm Trip 03:43
17 Gary Burner I Can’t 02:23
18 Flat Broke Goon Squad Who’t Next 06:25


“O.F.T.B. Presents Return Of The West – A Flatbroke Compilation” is a diverse and powerful collection of tracks by various artists, released in 1998 by Flatbroke Entertainment and Tiger Records. This compilation showcases the unique talents of numerous Hip Hop artists and highlights the signature Gangsta style of the West Coast rap scene.

The album kicks off with “Done Deal” by Poetic Punishment, Sidas, and Flipside of O.F.T.B., setting the tone for the rest of the compilation. Flat Broke Goon Squad and O.F.T.B. join forces on the explosive track “Off The Ringer,” while Mark Love’s “On The Run” and June Dawg’s “Ride Or Die” provide listeners with a taste of the gritty West Coast sound.

Other standout tracks on the compilation include Sidas’ “We Sidas,” Reservoir Dogs’ introspective “Change My World,” and O.F.T.B.’s own “In Too Deep.” The album also features notable collaborations such as Ver-C-Tile and B-Brazy’s “It’s Going Down” and China Girl’s soulful “Chosen One.”

With a mix of both established and up-and-coming artists, “O.F.T.B. Presents Return Of The West – A Flatbroke Compilation” offers a snapshot of the West Coast Hip Hop scene in the late 1990s. The album concludes with Flat Broke Goon Squad’s “Who’t Next,” leaving listeners eager for more from these talented artists.

As a showcase of the diverse talents and styles present in the West Coast rap scene, “O.F.T.B. Presents Return Of The West – A Flatbroke Compilation” is a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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