Various – Louisiana’s Sickest, Vol. 1


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1 MO3, Boosie Badazz Errybody (Remix) 03:16
2 YoungBoy Never Broke Again So Long 04:34
Featuring – NLE Choppa, Yung Bleu, Jay Da Youngan
3 Jay Da Youngan Elimination 02:29
4 Mouse On Tha Track Let Me In 03:44
Featuring – Joazzy
5 BBG Baby Joe Drop Out 03:10
Featuring – Vl Deck
6 TEC, Maine Musik Lost Child 03:13
7 Tootie Raww Itz Up 02:31
Featuring – BBG Baby Joe
8 Jay Da Youngan Up Next 03:03
9 YoungBoy Never Broke Again Gutta Boy 02:26
10 Jay Lewis, Mista Cain I Hope 02:56


Louisiana’s Sickest, Vol. 1 is a compilation album featuring some of the most talented artists from Louisiana, showcasing their unique rap styles and abilities. Released on June 5, 2019, this compilation brings together the sounds of MO3, Boosie Badazz, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jay Da Youngan, Mouse On Tha Track, BBG Baby Joe, TEC, Maine Musik, Tootie Raww, Jay Lewis, Mista Cain, NLE Choppa, Yung Bleu, Joazzy, and Vl Deck.

The album kicks off with “Errybody (Remix)” by MO3 and Boosie Badazz, setting a high-energy tone for the rest of the compilation. “So Long” features a stellar collaboration between YoungBoy Never Broke Again, NLE Choppa, Yung Bleu, and Jay Da Youngan, demonstrating the power of these Louisiana artists working together.

Jay Da Youngan returns with “Elimination,” followed by Mouse On Tha Track’s “Let Me In,” featuring Joazzy. BBG Baby Joe’s “Drop Out” features Vl Deck, adding more depth and variety to the album.

TEC and Maine Musik join forces on “Lost Child,” while Tootie Raww and BBG Baby Joe collaborate on the catchy track “Itz Up.” Jay Da Youngan appears again on “Up Next,” showcasing his talent and solidifying his presence on the album.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Gutta Boy” and the closing track, “I Hope” by Jay Lewis and Mista Cain, round out the compilation with memorable hooks and beats. Louisiana’s Sickest, Vol. 1 is a testament to the state’s thriving rap scene, leaving listeners eager for the next volume.



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