Samm-1 – Something 2 Ride To


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1 O.G. Status Little Rock (RMX) 04:56
2 Jokkah Hogs & Dogs 04:24
3 Lil Wookie South Central Little Rock Town 03:48
4 8506 Related Alarmin Rate 03:49
5 Heavon & Hell Murder Mob 03:25
6 8506 Related Callin 05:17
7 Deapsouth Momma Pray For Me 05:03
8 Samm-1 Shake Sumthin’ 03:48
9 Samm-1 Down South Shake 04:24
10 Roland J. Hustle Bitches Get Lonely Too 04:24
11 Deapsouth Piece Of Da Rock 04:22
12 Mr. Feddy Sky Ballin 03:48
13 T-Rone It’s Real 04:15
14 O.G. Status Do You Wanna Ride 04:52
15 Riff Raff, Solid Gold Papers 05:13
16 J-Mac Boss Hoggin 03:28
17 Samm-1 Down South Shake (Radio Mix) 03:36


“Something 2 Ride To” is a compilation album by rapper Samm-1 from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released in 2000 by Mac City Records, this album showcases a unique blend of G-Funk and Southern hip-hop, offering listeners an engaging and enjoyable listening experience. Featuring various artists from the Little Rock scene, “Something 2 Ride To” serves as a testament to the diverse talent present within the region.

The 17-track compilation kicks off with “Little Rock (RMX),” featuring O.G. Status, setting the tone for the rest of the album with its smooth beats and catchy hook. As the album progresses, tracks like “Hogs & Dogs” and “South Central Little Rock Town” further emphasize the Southern flavor and G-Funk influences that define the album’s sound.

“Something 2 Ride To” features an array of collaborations, with songs such as “Alarmin Rate,” “Murder Mob,” and “Callin” showcasing the chemistry between Samm-1 and various featured artists. These collaborations elevate the compilation, highlighting the versatility of the Little Rock hip-hop scene.

Tracks like “Momma Pray For Me,” “Shake Sumthin’,” and “Bitches Get Lonely Too” provide a mix of introspective lyrics, energetic beats, and infectious hooks that keep listeners engaged throughout the album. The compilation concludes with “Down South Shake (Radio Mix),” leaving fans with a memorable finale.

“Something 2 Ride To” not only showcases Samm-1’s talents as a rapper and curator but also serves as a snapshot of the Little Rock hip-hop scene in the early 2000s, highlighting the diverse range of artists and styles present in the region.



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