Ron “C” – Trendsetter

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1 Do Dat Danze 06:08
2 Make It Funky 04:55
3 Funky Lyrics 06:28
4 Good To Go 06:02
5 Trendsetter 03:33


“Trendsetter” marked Ron “C”‘s official entry into the Dallas rap scene, establishing him as a prominent artist who would go on to influence many others in the years to come. The EP features five tracks that showcase his talents as both a rapper and a producer. The title track, “Trendsetter,” is a standout hit that remains a fan favorite to this day, with its catchy beat and infectious lyrics that showcase Ron “C”‘s smooth flow and unique style.

Another popular track on the EP is “Do Dat Danze,” which features Ron “C” rapping over a funky beat that blends elements of old-school hip hop with electro and funk. The song’s catchy hook and party vibe made it a staple of the Dallas rap scene in the late 80s and early 90s, and it remains a classic of the genre to this day.

Throughout “Trendsetter,” Ron “C” showcases his ability to blend different genres and styles to create a cohesive sound that is both innovative and ahead of its time. His rhymes are clever and witty, with a smooth flow that sets him apart from other rappers of his era. The EP’s production values are also top-notch, with Ron “C” proving himself to be a talented producer who could create beats that were just as innovative and forward-thinking as his rhymes.

Overall, “Trendsetter” is a classic of the Dallas rap scene and a must-listen for fans of old-school hip hop and electro. Ron “C” would go on to release additional music throughout the 90s and 2000s, but “Trendsetter” remains a standout debut that showcases his unique talents as both a rapper and a producer.

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