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1 Everyday All Day 04:19
2 What’cha Want 04:23
3 Let ‘Em Hang 04:01
4 For The Love Of Loot 04:38


“Klann Deep” is the debut self-titled EP by the rap group Klann Deep, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. The EP was released in 1998 under Game Tight Records and features a classic Gangsta hip-hop style that was prevalent during the late ’90s.

This 4-track EP offers a glimpse into Klann Deep’s talent and their ability to create catchy beats and memorable hooks. The group’s raw lyrical content, combined with their energetic delivery, makes for an engaging listening experience for fans of the Gangsta hip-hop genre.

The opening track, “Everyday All Day,” sets the tone for the EP with its infectious beat and catchy chorus. “What’cha Want” follows up with a more laid-back vibe, showcasing the group’s versatility in style.

“Let ‘Em Hang” is a hard-hitting track that highlights Klann Deep’s aggressive lyricism and powerful storytelling, while “For The Love Of Loot” closes the EP with its focus on the pursuit of wealth, produced by Blake English and Bryant.

Although the EP is short in length, “Klann Deep” demonstrates the group’s potential and serves as a solid introduction to their style and sound. Their debut EP offers a taste of their talent and leaves listeners wanting more from these Birmingham rappers.

For fans of the late ’90s Gangsta hip-hop scene, “Klann Deep” is a hidden gem that deserves a listen. The EP captures the essence of the genre and showcases Klann Deep’s ability to create engaging music with powerful lyrics and catchy beats.

If you’re a fan of Gangsta hip-hop from the late ’90s, don’t miss out on Klann Deep’s debut self-titled EP. It’s a solid introduction to this talented group from Birmingham, Alabama, and a great addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.



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