Rite-Chus – What Goes On


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1 Rite-Chus 03:24
2 What Can I Do (Radio Cut) 04:46
3 State Of Insanity 04:45
4 G’s-N-Players 04:52
5 A Better Way (Radio Cut) 04:58
6 Brace Yo Self 04:20
7 Get Som Luv (Radio Cut) 04:25
8 Fat One 04:16
9 Interlude 01:14
10 I Getz Mine
11 Flow 4 Real 04:17
12 Get Loose (Radio Cut) 04:30
13 Money’s Callen’ 04:52
14 Hood Rat Hoes 04:37
15 What Goes On 04:52


“What Goes On” is a compilation album by rap group Rite-Chus, hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released on August 1, 1995, by Rite-Chus Records, this album showcases the group’s versatility and talent within the hip-hop scene. With 17 tracks featuring a blend of gangsta and thug rap styles, “What Goes On” is a must-listen for fans of 90s hip-hop.

The compilation includes a mix of radio cuts, such as “What Can I Do,” “A Better Way,” “Get Some Luv,” and “Get Loose,” as well as other standout tracks like “State of Insanity,” “G’s-N-Players,” “I Getz Mine,” and the titular track “What Goes On.” Each song demonstrates Rite-Chus’ unique sound and storytelling abilities, which combine to create a captivating listening experience.

Released under Rite-Chus Records, the album’s production was helmed by Walt Swift, who also contributed lead vocals alongside A-N-T and Jezreel. The compilation was recorded at Swift Mix Studios, ensuring a high-quality production that highlights the group’s skills and charisma.

As a snapshot of 90s hip-hop culture, “What Goes On” captures the essence of Rite-Chus’ talent and unique style. The album is a must-have for collectors and fans of underground hip-hop from this era.


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